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Committee of Three Upholds Goward Insurgent Decision

The Committee of Three (ASUO President Jared Axelrod, ASUO Multicultural Advocate Lorena Landeros, and Student Senator Erica Anderson) has heard and rejected the Students of Faith’s appeal of David Goward’s original decision. Appropriately enough, the Committee points out that it cannot evaluate the Insurgent’s compliance with the Student Conduct Code and soundly rejects the claim that student groups themselves must remain viewpoint neutral. A good, fairly well-written decision. (63k .pdf)

UPDATE: I should have pointed out that the Students of Faith appeal (100k .pdf) essentially attempted to attack the Insurgent on different grounds than in their original grievance. To the Committee of Three’s credit, they pointed this out and decided to slap the appeal down anyway.

  1. Matt P. says:

    Do you think they will take this whole deal to court? Or is it finally over?

  2. Jon says:

    accurate decision, but I still maintain that David Goward is a blowhard. Good thing the most he will be doing is sending out DDS vans to pick up himself and his former ASUO counterparts

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