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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Purely Informational

Current members of The Commentariat, old friends, former staffers still suffering in Eugene, and other denizens of my former stomping grounds: I shall be in town this weekend. I’m occupied Saturday and Sunday morning, but I should be free Sunday evening. I was thinking Northbank at 8pm 9pm, but this may be subject to change. Email if you desire ye olde phone number for planning purposes. Barring that, I should see y’all then.

  1. Shaheen A. Al-Haddad says:

    I agree my approach was a bit hostile and therefore alienated everyone right off the bat. Read the skeptics section on the forums at Just look into this stuff is all I’m asking.

  2. Olly says:

    Choice quotes from Shaheen’s last link:

    Is it not possible that these columns were destroyed by bombs? … Isn’t it just too much of a coincidence that the crash happened at this very spot with these “blast resistant” windows? … Couldn’t those marks from a plane wing (if he really did see them) be caused by a different aircraft? … If he was able to pick up plane parts by hand, then couldn’t these parts have been planted by hand? … And that photo is consistent with a fiery missile attack or other type of plane crash!

    This is not a refutation of anything in the Popular Mechanics piece. It’s a bunch of speculative nonsense, substantiated by links to even more speculative nonsense. On this basis, you might as well believe that aliens crashed flying saucers into the World Trade Center, or creatures from Atlantis fired RPGs at the Pentagon, or that 9/11 never happened at all and we’re really undergoing a mass hallucination brought about by the CIA putting dope in the reservoirs.

    I expect personal apologies from all of you at some point down the line. The truth is coming out and it

  3. Timothy says:

    BAH! Going out of the country is a likely story! Why do you hate me and America, Sho?

  4. Sho says:


    I think there are some questions in regards to the 9/11 attacks that could be more carefully examined through rational public discourse; however, it’s not like your condescending attitude is making me any more motivated to look into it.


    I’m sad to say I won’t be in town for your visit as I’ll be heading back to Portland on Friday in preparation for my trip overseas. I’ll remember to raise a glass in your honor in London.

  5. Timothy says:

    Oh, you do not even know the depth. You cannot fathom it.

  6. Tyler says:

    Let’s ask the guy looking at porn in the library. I bet he’s still there.

  7. Niedermeyer says:

    They were like, on the grassy knoll too, right?

    Man the shit is way deeper than I ever thought….

  8. Timothy says:

    Don’t you know, Ted, it was TEH JOOOZ!!!

  9. Niedermeyer says:

    I think we can all agree that it is hard to believe that an attack as destructive and impactful as 9/11 could be carried out by a handfull of religious extremists. As a former Oklahma City and JFK conspiracy theorist, I understand the appeal of trying to uncover hidden truths about events of great significance. Ultimately though, history is the myth that the most people agree on… regardless of “right” and “wrong”, do you really think people would rather fight a civil war in this country against the “Bush Cabal” or whoever may or may not be involved in this conspiracy, or bomb people on the other side of the world who may or may not have attacked our country?

  10. Timothy says:

    Actually, that’s just indigestion. I shouldn’t have had that pepperoni sandwich for lunch.

  11. Shaheen A. Al-Haddad says:

    I expect personal apologies from all of you at some point down the line. The truth is coming out and it’s only a matter of time before you guys realize it. I suggest you all spend a good few weeks pouring over everything before you dismiss these “highly speculative theories.”

    These “theories” are only far reaching because people purporting to be intelligent and aware dismiss and blackball them before they even look into them.

    You know that scary feeling you get in your stomach and chest when you find out about something you don’t know? Yea, that’s what you should be getting right about now.

  12. Niedermeyer says:

    Shaheen, I liked your piece on Iran a lot, but I just can’t help feeling like the whole 9-11 conspiracy tangent is a better fit for The Insurgent… it’s not that it’s complete nonsense -per se- it’s just that it’s really hard to create a constructive discourse around highly speculative theories.

    Why rehash a national tragedy when there are so many issues on which to build some consensus in the here-and-now. I think that the issue is so divisive, and the theory you are trying to prove is so far reaching that there is little good that can come out of printing it in the magazine.

  13. Shaheen A. Al-Haddad says:

    Crazy ramblings made linkable

    –Your Friendly Neighborhood Administrator.

  14. Andy says:


    “Oregon Commentator publishes evidence of 9/11 cover-up”

    Editor1: wait..who the fuck is the OC?
    Editor2: Uhm, a student news paper from the UofO that looked at some websites and critically examined the ‘evidence.’
    Editor1:”Git that corn outa my faaace!” (nacho libre..)

  15. Olly says:


  16. Shaheen A. Al-Haddad says:

    Oh, man… I really thought that by now you guys would have gotten your heads out of your asses and critically examined this stuff… To Tyler, you think you’re some wise guy? I’m so glad you pulled out that ridiculous (and obvious propaganda) from Popular Mechanics. It was authored by Benjamin Chertoff. I hope that sounds familiar. His cousin Michael is head of the Department of Homeland Security. Man, you guys should do your fucking homework. 9/11 was an inside job, everyone knows it, you guys are behind, suck it up and accept it and then do something about it. Wish I could be in Eugene to help out, I really do, but I moved back to Los Angeles (back where I can be in good company with the rest of all those tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists). Wake up guys.

    I’ll make things easy for you stubborn guys.

  17. Olly says:

    Tyler, you’re like the OC’s own Carl Monday.

  18. Greg S. says:

    I think Shaheen’s “real strategy” for impeaching Bush involves something about passing a ASUO Senate resolution about it.

  19. Timothy says:

    Why is it that my posts have a disproportionate tendency to attract nutcases? I mean, shit, all I did was say “hey, dudes, I’m gonna be in town maybe we can get drunk” and this guy shows up. The hell?

  20. Andy says:

    Tyler, are you in town? Lets meet at rennie’s sometime.

    WTF does a “real strategy” for impeaching Bush have anything to do with the UofO?? I assume you’ve read our magazine so you cannot dismiss the fact that we do run stories that can have a big impact on campus.

    There is no reasonable proof that the towers we brought down by demolition, the war on terror is no more illegal than the IRS, Bush won both elections fair and square according to our system.

    Everyone seems so intent on focusing on the symptoms of the disease that is killing America.

    I do agree with you that we’ve been brainwashed – into believing that government does more good than harm.

    The only thing Americans are stupid about is that they give up liberties for false security.

  21. Ian says:


    Why in the hell didn’t you try and recruit him?

  22. Ian says:


    The object in the video you showed me did not look like a plane. So I said that it didn’t look like a plane.

    What you wrote does read like something you would see in the Insurgent. So I said that it looked like something you would see in the Insurgent.

    Of course, the object in the video didn’t look like a missile either (particularly since a missile almost certainly wouldn’t fly a couple of feet off the ground), but I suppose it’s supposed to be some uber-missile designed in a joint operation by Opus Dei, the IDF, and the Salvation Army. Or whatever the popular Internet explanation is nowadays.

    Well, there’s the video. Here’s your piece:

    World Trade Center Building 7
    Why there is much more to the events of September 11th, 2001 than you think
    By Shaheen A. Al-Haddad

    We were watching a game of baseball the other night when it occurred to us that a close call at first base could be used to stand for the events which occurred on September 11th, 2001. The first baseman, having to jump and stretch for the ball after it was thrown to him, clumsily took his foot off the base for a split second as the runner dashed to first. The umpire, trying to determine whether the baseman

  23. Tyler says:

    He’s now playing a video of a japanese girl getting naked. This is fucking incredible. I wish I had the energy to liveblog this prevert’s actions as they develop, but, alas, I need a drink.

  24. Tyler says:

    Plus, as a side note, I would like everyone to know that currently I am in the library using a computer and right across from me is a dude wearing a Charles Barkley jersey and looking at porn. He is my new hero.

  25. Tyler says:


    To take some of the heat off of Ian, I should state that both Ian and I discussed the article and thought that it was wholly inappropriate for the publication. If memory serves me correctly, Michael also voiced concern over the content of the piece. Sorry. That’s what editors do.

    It’s one thing to make the agument that the “war is illegal”, or that very bad things are happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, or that human rights abuses are occuring at Gitmo; it’s something altogether different to believe in silly conspiracy theories proffered by the likes of Charlie “is it just me or did that look like a controlled blast” Sheen. Anyway, most of your “evidence” has been rebuked, scientifically and articulately, online and in magazines (Popular Mechanics debunked ALL of these claims).

    You can check that out if you want. Or you can believe in whatever nonsense you want; it’s honestly not worth arguing over.


  26. Timothy says:

    “A voice” and “A crazy voice” are pretty different, I think.

  27. Shaheen A. Al-Haddad says:

    When are you guys going to be a voice for change? I remember coming into your office months ago with offers to submit articles on 9/11 being an inside job, the “war on terror” being a complete farce, and a real strategy to impeach the current administration. Obviously Ian didn’t have the balls to run anything I thought may be useful for the U of O. (Direct quote: “This looks like something we might see in The Insurgent”). This after him seeing the 9/11 Pentagon footage and him saying “That’s not a plane.” Controlled demolition brought down the towers, we’re fighting an illegal war, Bush stole both elections, and we’ve all been brainwashed. Admit it.

    Come on, guys. Look into this stuff and do something about it.

    Very truly yours,

    Shaheen A. Al-Haddad

  28. Tyler says:

    Damn, I should be in Ashland. Well, maybe I can find a way to stick around.

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