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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

‘Uncompetent’ Headline Writer Uses Perfectly Cromulent Word.

Oh, Ol’ Dirty Emerald, how I missed you this summer. In a front-page story about the manslaughter conviction of Darrell Sky Walker the UO’s paper-of-record manages to use a word that doesn’t, you know, exist.

Now, I’ve nothing really to say about the Walker case. I haven’t followed it, and while it seems a little suspicious that somebody else bragged about throwing the fatal punch, eye-witness accounts are notoriously suspect so it isn’t exactly surprising that the testimony of four people varies. In any case, it’s a serious matter and the ODE should at least take it seriously enough to headline the story with an actual word.

  1. Michael G. says:

    The ODE screw up a headline? Unpossible!

  2. ApathyPersonified says:

    I always thought ‘injust’ was the term used when the editor of the Emerald started eating his own newspaper.

    “Did you see the editor today? He tried to ‘injust’ his own morning copy!”

  3. Evan says:

    Maybe someone who was quoted in the article used the word “injust”, and the editor later cut out to quote to save space, without thinking about how it would affect the headline.

  4. Meghann says:

    “so maybe the editor is doing it to make fun of the headline writer.”

    Yeah, that’s gotta be what happened. Good call.

  5. Liz says:

    Uncompetent? Injust? But the ODE embiggens the heart of every man!

  6. Josh M. says:

    The odd thing to me was the quotes around the word ‘injust.’ At first I thought one of the people in the article had said it and they put it in the headline to kind of make fun of them. Sure, it would have been inappropriate, but kind of funny. Then I read through and I didn’t see the word in the article, so maybe the editor is doing it to make fun of the headline writer.

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