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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Bellotti’s Reaction

Oregon Ducks Head Coach Mike Bellotti, on last night’s loss to BYU:

“Both quarterbacks took a very long time to get started,” Bellotti said. “We didn’t find a way to get them in rhythm.”

And coach Gary Crowton:

“I was very disappointed we didn’t get anything going early, which would have taken pressure off the other side of the ball,” said offensive coordinator Gary Crowton, the former BYU head coach. “We weren’t in a rhythm as a team. Offensively, when the quarterbacks are making good, quick decisions and everybody is on the same page as that quarterback, the offense is in a real good flow and good rhythm, and we weren’t in that today.

Neither Quarterback could establish a rhythm because both were being asked to do just that. Well coached football teams resolve their Quarterback controversies, not allow them to fester and grow.

Update: As one would expect, Every Day Should Be Saturday has a great summary of the game.

  1. Timothy says:

    This two QB’s approach has worked out about as well as Minnesota’s two goaltender approach did in the Stanley Cup playoffs a couple of years back.

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