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Major UO Donor Gives Another $15 mil for Science Building

Lorry LokeyA San Francisco philanthropist is donating $15 million to the University for use toward the construction of a new science building. Lorry Lokey, the founder and former chief executive of the Business Wire news service, has contributed a total of almost $50 million to the University making him “the most generous patron of UO academics ever.” Lokey is the most significant donor on four building projects for the University so far.

From the R-G article:

Lokey never attended the UO but has adopted it as one of his leading philanthropic projects. He has said he hopes to raise the university’s reputation in both the region and the country and wants to propel it toward a renaissance in the arts and sciences.

Over the past two years, Lokey has put $12.5 million on a new College of Education building, $5 million toward an expansion and remodeling of the School of Music and $4.5 million toward the Turnbull Portland Center for journalism and communications. Last summer, he donated $10 million to the new science complex, with $5 million tagged for the lab and $5 million for the integrative sciences building.

  1. Doomscheissah says:

    This guy did do the donation for the underground labs that are being built right now.

    Awesome stuff. I wonder where the new Science Building (separate from the UG Labs) is going to be put. (Hint: Do Something about Onyx Bridge)

  2. JustaDog says:

    This is a great example – one of thousands – where private industry (or entrepreneurs) help fund higher education research with their money. Government does not need to dispense money to colleges or universities (tax payer $$$).

    What then takes place is good old fashion competition and achievement, with those doing the best getting the bucks to further their endeavors.

    Good post.

  3. Meghann says:

    I’m sure Zach has a way more extensive theory than just “he’s part of the conspiracy.” I want details.

  4. Ian says:

    This is an awesome donation.

    As for Vishanoff, I’d guess that he believes the blood money will be used for sneaker / nanoweapons development. Which, frankly, I hope is true.

  5. daniels says:

    my guess is that Zach connects him with the nano technology conspiracy

  6. Meghann says:

    I wonder what Zach Vishanoff’s theory on this guy is.

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