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Axelrod to ODE: The I-Fee can be kept flat

In an online-only video interview with the Daily Emerald’s local news anchor-in-training Michael Calcagno, ASUO President Axelrod expressed optimism that the Incidental Fee can remain flat, and that such an outcome would be preferable to him. This unexpected optimism from an Executive which has been less than entirely committed to the goal of holding the I-fee at its current level is a heartening shift in the debate on fiscal responsibility in the ASUO. Axelrod points specifically to fee funding of the Student Recreation Center, which has been hemmorhaging money for the last several years, and the Career Center, which he describes as providing a basic service to students, as major factors in the current situation. Although he came up short of saying exactly how he would reduce these budgets’ impacts on the Incidental Fee, he certainly seems to be looking in the right places. At this point, the mere aknowledgement that it is possible and desireable to keep the I-Fee flat represents real leadership on the part of Axelrod, for which he should be commended. Hopefully the Axelrod Administration will be able to further elaborate on its goals and initiatives in this respect at the upcoming “Fiscal Responsibility and the ASUO: An Open Discussion” hosted by the Oregon Commentator.

  1. Niedermeyer says:

    Tim: I agree completely about OSPIRG. That shit should be defunded. The OSA, I don’t know enough about. MCC could make more cuts than they want to, but they’re nowhere near the same league as OSPIRG.

    Poo: yeah, if you want to do it.

  2. poopoo says:

    Can the commentator provide a written transcript?

  3. Timothy says:

    Except students can conceivably get something out of the REC and the Career Center…please ask him to explain exactly what students are getting out of the MCC, OSPIRG, and the OSA.

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