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Appropriation Committe Hears Proposals

The ASUO Senate Appropriations Committee spent more than three hours listening to proposals about what to do with the over-realized fund Sunday night.

The Committee, formed by Senate Bill 23, is in charge of appropriating the over $1 million in over-realized funds.  The funds are to be divided “toward a project or projects that have a positive, lasting impact on a majority of the student body at the University of Oregon.”

In the EMU Board Room, groups presented on such varied topics as the student recreation center, campus radio, the School of Music and campus recycling.

Among the most expensive proposals, the rec center asked for more than $300,000 to cover their deficit.  The representative for the rec center argued that if the deficit is not taken care of now, the money owed will compound and grow exponentially.

However, if the rec center received money from over-realized it would only cover their budget for the ’07 and ’08 fiscal years.

The most passionate presentation was given by Campus Recycling.  They asked the committee for $287,960 in order to purchase five new biodiesel vans.  The current vans used by Campus Recycling are nearly 40 years old and are “unsafe.”  The new vans would also double the current fuel efficiency of the vans in use by Campus Recycling now.

The theme of the night was one-time expenditures and sustainability.  The campus radio proposal to expand their space and the School of Music’s proposal to update room 198 were among the most well-received because they did not require further investment in the near future.

  1. Timothy says:

    Ten monkeys with typewriters could obey the Green Tape better than the ASUO. Oh well.

  2. Niedermeyer says:

    Yeah, well apparently they can, and if they don’t the state can somehow just take the money (or so we’re told). You learn something new every day at the ASUO…

  3. Timothy says:

    Except for the part where you can’t (legally) make campus improvements with incidental fee money, but that’s never stopped them before. See: Amphitheatre, solar panels.

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