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Philly Diner Owner Uses 2nd Amendment to Defend Life and Property

Philly Diner Owner Jason LeeA Philadelphia restaurant owner shot and killed an alleged robber and wounded another when they attempted to hold up his breakfast diner. When the men entered the diner and ordered everyone to the ground, Jason Lee, 45, grabbed his licensed revolver and put it under his apron as he got down. One man ordered the diner cashier to open the register and threatened to count to ten and shoot her if she didn’t open it. The cashier was shaking badly so Lee’s wife stepped in, and Lee used the distraction to get up and fire at the robbers.

Lee shot the first gunman twice in the head, while the other gunman fired two shots back and missed. Lee then shot the second man in the face and back. Police arrested the wounded man when they arrived on the scene.

Apparently, this is not the first time Lee has used deadly force to defend his family and property. Two men attempted to rob his family’s grocery store in 1993. When Lee walked out of a back room and saw one of the men grabbing his wife by the throat, he pulled out his handgun and shot the man three times, including once to the head.

Not only did Lee twice put his Second Amendment rights into action, but he’s also pretty good shot.

(via Angry Asian Man, image: NBC10)

  1. Brandon says:

    Big news up in Portland over the past few weeks: a cashier at the Belmont Market was shot and paralyzed by a group of robbers a few Sundays back. PPD has caught all involved and meth, of course, played a factor in the robbery. I wonder how it would have all played out had the cashier been packing heat…

  2. Andy says:

    I’d say he exercised his natural right to self defense, which is enumerated by the 2nd Amd.

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