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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

The Sad State Of Race Relations

The Daily Emerald is running twin stories on the Senate protest of April 18, one from the perspective of the student group protesters, and another on “the senate response.” As much as I would love to give both the line-by-line fisking they so richly deserve, I will refrain from doing so here. Suffice it to say that they make it clear that this entire situation is entirely about money, and that in the pursuit of money, people seem willing to distort the facts and rampantly accuse Senators of racism. Just keep a few facts in mind while you read: first, there is no issue of cuts, as benchmark debates are solely over how much the budget should grow; second, treatment of groups is uniform regardless of their advocacy; and third, that when Oscar Guerra says “That’s what we mean by institutionalized racism… The system is set up so that it doesn’t allow for individuals to consider the value of programs,” he is advocating for viewpoint non-neutrality, which the Supreme Court of the U.S. has deemed illegal in it’s Southworth decision.

On a similar (and equally ridiculous) note, the University of Rhode Island College Republicans recently tried to create a “White Heterosexual Male Scholarship” and was duly slapped down by their Student Organizations Advisory and Review Committee for discriminatory practices. Read all about it over at Hit and Run.

  1. T says:

    It would be great if this knocking shit was habit forming, and for the rest of Nate Gulley’s life he went around rapping hard suffaces with his fist whenever he agreed with someone.

  2. de lancie says:

    I apologize for the knocking. It is from too much time in the ASUO with senators. You know, ditto, knock knock on the table. Sorry:)

  3. T says:

    It reminds me of old Biff in Back to the Future Pt. II.

  4. Danimal says:

    What’s all this knock knock shit?

  5. Timothy says:

    The editors have stipends, last I knew.

  6. Carl Ciaramella says:

    Wait, the Insurgent staffers get paid? iuoadgnb;oiugknw iu egasvd;ui!

  7. Timothy says:

    Would “mongoloid” be better?

    Seriously, though, it takes somebody who’s the helmet-wearing kind of special to think those illiterate sociopaths down at the Insurgent deserve money for their “effort”.

  8. de lancie says:

    knock knock…but tim, don’t say retard. it really isn’t very becoming.

  9. Timothy says:

    I never participated in club sports, but I do think a model like that one (where the participants don’t get paid and have to work hard to keep things going) should be modeled by the rest of the ASUO.

    I really think that stipends should be set to $0 for every single position at any student group. If you like doing it, volunteer. Those pussies whine about needing to be compensated for their time, but take a guy like Ted (well any of the OC editors since me, really, and many before): goes to school, works, does the magazine, the OC doesn’t pay and it’s not like it isn’t work. It’s ridiculous that spending a couple hours once a week at a meeting and a few hours a week in Suit Four merits compensation, it’s retarded that the folks at the Insurgent get paid, not to mention all the paid positions at various student unions. Just eliminating stipend expense, or at very least limited them to something like 2% of total budget, would go a long way toward curtailing the growth of the I-fee.

  10. de lancie says:

    Yes Tim, that would be nice. But it isn’t even about other people picking up a programs tab. What about all those club sports teams that choose, just like all the ASUO program members, to participate with a group and fork over more than half of each teams operating budget. Most teams don’t even get enough for travel, let alone entry fees, uniforms, dues to national bodies (which MeCHa gets from the ASUO), equipment, etc. Oh yeah and all teams share one room as an office, have to convince a women who plays favorites that they should spend the money which they collected themselves in dues (as opposed to the neutral and bureaucratic controllers), have to fight for space to practice, and get called racist/conservative (which last time I checked did not mean the same thing) on top of all this because they are “jock” athletes. Well considering that they work just as hard (even harder) than “real” students athletes and organize all their own events I think the real people on this campus who are being discriminated against by institutional racism are the athletes of club sports. I think they should go to all “real” sporting events next year with sashes across their chests that say “2nd rate” across them. Or they could just be happy that the students and the EMU give them any money, continue being the savage athletes they are, and not complain. Oh wait. thats right. they already do that. and so does the commentator. Ok fine. I admit. We bitched about our 11% decrease for about 2 pitchers at rennie’s. Maybe it was 3, I can’t really recall anymore. There are so many more important things going on in my life…

  11. Timothy says:

    That’s the way of the ASUO, long-term it’d be nice to get the OC to a point of being funded by the VRWC or the vast network of moderately successful alumni, or some combination, but a $15,000 operating budget is a bit tough to come up with and IIRC you have to get some amount of I-fee to get EMU space for free. Last thing anybody needs is some joke of a rag getting the office.

  12. Miles says:

    We seem to do well on our own, it’s just we get penalized when we don’t spend everything…

  13. Jacque says:

    knock knock to that one. But hey its THEIR money. Commentator do you need more money? Do a little bit of fundraising and we will give you money for whatever… its cool. OH wait. no we wouldn’t, because we don’t like you guys!!!! 😛 just kidding…

  14. Niedermeyer says:

    The Commentator budget was cut by 11% this year. I am willing to bet that we took way more of a beating than any of these groups. Furthermore, you add up all those surplus requests over the years, and the picture should be a lot more clear.

  15. Jacque says:

    Thus my point. 😀 You just can’t win. It really pisses me off because it IS entirely about money. No one type of program was cut. The question was what programs are not spending their money. The same growth was seen but the bulk of that went to the rec center. Even if they had the leeway to give out the full 5 percent, programs still would have felt the burn. If their contention is that becuase multicultural groups have no where else to go (someone said that in the article I think) well then I take offense to that. I work hard for the programs that I am involved in and never recieved a stipend until I got to senate. I fundraised a lot for the programs that I was with because the people that my programs benefit are broke students. Its tough, but it happens all over campus to all student groups. Anyway for now I am done ranting… 😀

  16. Jan says:

    I love it: “Pe

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