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Texas House of Reps erupts in chaos, tears; not just for ASUO anymore

The Texas House of Representatives is going to hell in a handbasket. A disgruntled group of Democrats and GOP lawmakers (known as “the insurgents”) have desperately been trying to oust Republican Speaker of the House Tom Craddick from his position, citing gross displeasure with his perfomance. Craddick, in an decidedly evil twist on “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” has refused to recognize any of the so-called “insurgents.” This means no one can make a motion for the special vote needed to replace Craddick. Cue evil laugh, thunder.

Craddick held off the in-House rebellion for more than five hours, including a physical attempt to overtake the Speaker’s podium. He twice called for a recess and retreated to his office. House Parliamentarian Denise Davis ran out of the assembly nearly in tears, locked herself in her office and resigned shortly afterwards.

When Craddick called the second recess, one flummoxed representative was heard to yell, “This is America. We don’t do things like this here!”

See? And you thought this sort of shit only happened in the ASUO.

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