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Senate Meeting: 5/30/07

Another long year of conflict in the Senate came to an end today as the new 2007-2008 Senators were eased  into their new jobs. You know what they say … in like a lion, out like a lamb.

Returning Senators included: McKenzie, Trippe, Gulley, Papailliou, Rajabzadeh, and SunOwen (ex-oficio).

New Senators included: Neil Brown, Kate Jones, Samantha Brodey, Donnie Kim, and Lee Warnecke. Although Senator Rosenberg will be resigning because he is no longer a music major, he still acted as the Senate President and led the meeting.

Special requests included DDS asking for $2,000 from the gas line item to purchase radios for four of their vans, which passed unanimously. The International Resource Center made a request on behalf of all international student groups for $5,000 to fund an October 12th grand opening with activities in the ampitheater. Billed as an oportunity to network with international alumni (four large donors for the project are from Japan), some Senators were worried about the health of the proposal. Senator Trippe was conerned about handing out such a large amount of money before any fundraising had begun, and Senator McKenzie reflected this concern, saying that the IRC had the entire summer to raise funds. Senators Papailiou and Brown were hesitant to vote for the full amount as they felt that the alumni association should help with the large mailing fees included in the cost, therefore bringing the proposal to $2700, which passed.

After the meeting we sat down for a few minutes with Senator Brown, who was happy about the transition. He said that he was happy with the progress that was being made, and that he looked forward to working with his fellow Senators this year.

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