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Democratic Debate III: Forced to Fight

If you are anything like me, you’re probably wondering to yourself: What the hell! There’s another presidential debate? Tonight?

Yep. This one will focus on minority issues and will take place at Howard University, giving Hillary Clinton another opportunity to spread her phraseological wings. Tavis Smiley will moderate, and the whole 90-minute snoozefest will suposedly air on PBS (though I’ve seen no listing for it).The law of diminishing returns is certainly doing a number on these debates: First they appeared on basic cable, now (possibly) PBS. We’ve got a year and a half of this nonsense left, so expect the debates a year from now to appear on cable access, nudged between Hemp TV and That Show In Which Trashy Kids In Springfield Endanger Each Other Practicing Professional Wrestling Moves.

I will liveblog this event for your pleasure. Unless I forget, or if I run out of beer.

  1. Sean says:

    Those wings aren’t phraseological. They’re real wings, wings of the devil.

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