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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Finally, another ASUO blog

Blogging (despite its considerable rewards) can be a time-consuming, even tedious task at times. Because of this, blogs and their discourse are almost always better when they are part of a community based on the topic at hand. Although the Emerald technicaly blogs about the ASUO, it’s rare and usually reads more like a news story that didn’t make a print deadline than what one typically thinks of as “blog content.” This has left the brunt of informal, analysis-heavy coverage of the ASUO to the Oregon Commentator blog… untill now.

ASUO Senator Neil Brown has just opened his ASUO blog Neilpolitik, with an opening post which explains his priorities. Ethics reform, PFC reform and sustainability top the list, and having spoken with Neil at some length about the ASUO, I’m really looking forward to reading his analysis. Hell, it would be great if every Senator had a blog so we could get public comments from everyone after every meeting. Too often, the ASUO takes precipitous action without duly talking things over, nearly always to the detriment of the students they represent. The more blog discourse the better, and we welcome Neilpolitik to our blogroll!

  1. Timothy says:

    There are far too few spelling/grammatical/logical errors for that to be the case, Sean.

  2. Sean says:

    Sounds like another Harbaughboyz to me.

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