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RIAA Sues UO Students

Everyone’s buddies at the Recording Industry Association of America are suing 17 UO students for illegaly downloading copywrited material over the Universities network, according to local news reports. Apparently the RIAA asked the University to identify a number of network users, and offer them settlements in their ongoing legal struggle to prevent people from stealing food from Lars Urich’s children. The pre-litigation settlement offers were not forwarded to the John Doe defendants, according to UO General Counsel Randy Gellar.

“It’s our policy not to send those letters along because we are neither the agent of the RIAA or any students,” Geller said. “As far as I know no students have been sued by the RIAA.”

Similar attempts by the RIAA to discover the identity of illegal downloaders on University networks failed at the University of New Mexico earlier this year. Although the UO may pose as the defender of student privacy, it did block network access to as many as 24 students per week last year for illegal downloads on the University network. Thank god someone is looking out for these poor people.

  1. Jonathan says:

    I think it’s pretty relevant that a band (once) known for scaring grandmothers with metal, is once again scaring grandmothers through litigation sent in careless machine gun-like bursts.

    For the best results in stealing shit from assholes, plunge yourself deeper into the peer-to-peer realm: TOR rings, darknets, and infringement through friend-to-friend networking.

    I had a clever joke that utilized the phrase “Ride the Lightning”, but I have nothing.

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