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Karl Rove Resigns, Get’s All Choked Up Thinking About The Good Times

Yup, Turd Blossom is out. Karl Rove, probably the only man with the political acumen to get George W Bush elected twice has resigned as Deputy Chief of Staff and Special Advisor to the President is gone, leaving only the question who will bust out with the funky-fresh flow to keep the press corps distracted? Go ahead, watch the President call Rove “a dear friend,” and watch Rove choke up at the remembrance of things past… just don’t blame us if you cry a little too.

So what’s next for Rove? Back to Texas to make some money, and escape the Captain Ahabs of Congress who are after his Moby Dick (Oh Yes). Apparently he shouldn’t have too hard a time getting a job either, as his employment record is quite extensive.

Rove, who never graduated from college, joked that he has “an employment record that I think would be attractive to any employer. I’ve worked in an industrial kitchen in a hospital; I’ve waited tables; I’ve worked in convenience stores and have been robbed at the point of a gun twice; I’ve pumped gas; I’ve babysat; I’ve cut lawns; I’ve delivered newspapers.”

Sorry Karl, but we all know it was mostly babysitting.

  1. Jonathan says:

    The dude totally forgot about his job as resident b-boy.

    Somebody has to take up the reigns when even Harry Belafonte thinks Condi doesn’t have any soul.

  2. Sean says:

    Sorry, wrong page…
    here instead.

  3. Sean says:

    I’m not too worried or upset. I know that Rove will get another job of influence somewhere.

    Here are some suggestions:

  4. Vincent. says:

    Then, sir, I have succeeded only in wasting perfectly good beer. I feel shame in my guts.

  5. Jake says:

    Vincent: I just shot beer out of my nostrils.

  6. Vincent. says:

    Ted: DUDE. Way to totally blow our cover.

    Sean: OC: The number of times the OC staff has gotten drunk. Rest of the world: The number of times the OC staff has gotten laid.

  7. Sean says:

    I also have a friend named ‘The Architect’ who makes his friends’ 21st birthdays memorable and full of the worst drinks you can imagine.

    Vincent, what’s the tally of OC and OCers combined vs. the World?

  8. Timothy says:

    Wait, wait, you mean Karl Rove and Kevin T. Kotecki are the same guy?

  9. Niedermeyer says:

    Vince- C’mon man, we don’t diss the guy who signs our checks…

  10. Timothy says:

    At least here he dreamt he was an architect.

  11. Vincent. says:

    Sorry Karl, but we all know it was mostly babysitting.

    OC: 1 Karl Rove: 0

  12. Sean says:

    He was also an ‘architect’.

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