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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator


As CJ pointed out to me yesterday, the Student Insurgent featured the ad-hominem letter by Diego Hernandez directed towards me that he submitted to the ODE a few months ago. Coincidentially, this is a part of the process that got me to join the Commentator.

Anyways, I picked up the Insurgent today (and disinfected my hands after touching it, of course) and found out that our dear friends at Suite 1 did not only post D. Hizzle’s letter, but wrote an entire article about the Multicultural Center. They endorsed the MCC, amonst a number of things, as a place that ‘serves as a safe and respectful environment’ and ‘promotes leadership development’. I must have missed Respect and Leadership day at the MCC, because it is anything but that for anyone that isn’t far-left liberal. But then again, the article is in the Insurgent, we never expected them to tell the truth, anyways.

I don’t know how proud the MCC should be for being endorsed by the Insurgent like this. It’s like if the LGBTQA were publicly endorsed by the Alliance of Sodomy Supporters.
Featured next to the MCC article in the Insurgent is a very poignant and elegant piece calling for the abolition of prisons due to the ‘mistreatment of transgender prisoners’. What I want to know is how can someone be a misogynist (woman-hater) if they can’t even determine the gender of the person they are hating on?

If you’ll excuse me, I have to go de-louse my hands.

  1. Wubba Wubba says:

    David Goward is the chief of the mammalogists.

  2. Ossie says:

    Do you mean mammalogists?

  3. Jan says:

    You guys are just a bunch of mammalcists!

  4. Wubba Wubba says:

    Sean: The way you tame such a beast is by getting it loaded and putting him in compromising position, blackmailing him if he starts getting uppity.

  5. Sean says:

    How do you tame such a beast?!
    CJ, it seems like your links finally worked…the comedic timing was superb.
    That video gave me jungle fever.

  6. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Schwoeffermann wasn’t so much a media mole as a rampaging media elephant.

  7. niedermeyer says:

    And of course the Insurgent doesn’t have an internet presence, so nobody can actually read the vaunted epistle without picking up an issue. Will the Insurgent ever join the 21st Century?

    On a related note, the Insurgent-MCC linkage has been in the offing, but probably won’t last. Elements of the MCC have been trying to break into campus media for some time, and their ASUO setbacks in the last election have underlined their need for a media backing to their ASUO political efforts. With fiscal conservatives now squarely occupying the moderate mainstream, and well-represented by both the Commentator and the Emerald Editorial Board, the hard left needs to rally its troops.

    I was lead to believe by some in the MCC that a new media outlet would emerge this year, specifically to get a handle on the ASUO debate which have been spiraling out of their control. Instead, it seems like they are trying to recruit the Insurgent to engage in the ASUO on their side… a media strategy that is fraught with shortcomings. Here’s a short list:

    1- Nobody in the ASUO reads the Insurgent.
    2- Nobody in the Insurgent knows anything about the ASUO.
    3- The Insurgent (like us) won’t be able to print in a timely fashion, and (unlike us) doesn’t have a blog. Primitivism has its downsides.
    4- The Insurgent is being run by an insufferable man-child who’s idea of effective media strategy is yelling “get on the democracy boat and vote” at people in the amphitheater.
    5- All of the crap that the Insurgent writes that’s not about the ASUO will be associated with the MCC and its representatives.
    6-Don Goldman.

    Feel free to list any of the other 30 million plus reasons that the Insurgent will never be effective on campus. Sorry, my worthy adversaries, but this is about as good of an idea as “Hey guys, let’s get Schwoeffermann to be our ‘Media Mole'” was last year.

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