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Press Release from Party Patrol

Press Release

Campus Area Saturation Patrol

Case No. 06-many It was the first Friday night of the University season, and with classes starting Monday, students were out and celebrating.

Eugene Police Party Patrol and Patrol Bike Officers were out on Campus enforcing alcohol and noise laws. The high police presence kept vandalism and fighting at a minimum and kept intoxicated crowds from gathering in the West University Neighborhood. Police plan to continue active enforcement in this area as the traditional problems continue. Public drinking and disorderly parties will be a primary focus of these efforts in order to prevent the riots that have marred years past.

Party patrol responded to 10 parties, issued 42 alcohol related citations, and issued 6 First Response Notices. The recipients of these notices can be held responsible for the cost of future police responses to their residences. The Bike Patrol Team Issued 41 Alcohol related citations, one for False Information, and one for Interfering with Police.# # #

  1. de lancie says:

    thank goodness we were all at the bars getting wasted. i think i probably would have been arrested for indecent behavior.

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