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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Paging Larry Craig …

Well, school is officially back in session here at the U of O. Days are shortening, skirts are lengthening and new professors are cruising Knight Library looking to have sex in the bathroom. Wait, what?

P.S. Craigslist is not exactly safe for work.

P.P.S. Sorry for breaking the streak of serious ASUO posts, but c’mon … prof seeking anonymous sex in a public bathroom.

  1. ChrisD says:

    I accidentally started browsing the ‘casual encouters’ section, only to discover that straight people use the Internet to hook up, too.

    My world will never be the same.

  2. Niedermeyer says:

    In my experience, the relationship most OC staffers have with the magazine is best classified as a “casual encounter.”

  3. Jake says:

    Browsing the casual encounters section on craigslist is how most of the OC’s staff got their positions with the magazine.

  4. Vincent. says:

    Browsing the casual encounters section on craigslist is how CJ and I met.

  5. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Have you ever read the casual encounters section? It’s a comic goldmine. Also, I feel it’s my responsibility as a journalist to keep up to date on the most popular glory holes in Eugene.

  6. Meghann says:

    Browse the casual encounters section on Craigslist much, CJ? Apparently so…

  7. Ossie says:

    Yea, we were planning on sending Sean Jin on one, he’s the prettiest of staff. Listen up members of the Knight Library Public Sex Ring: we don’t know exactly who you are, but we know you are human, and we kinda have some sort of idea where you are doing what your doing. Actually, we have no clue.

    Could you tell us so we can break a big story and feel cool?

  8. Lee says:

    You guys should have done a bust.

  9. Sean says:

    Calling SPEW…calling SPEW

  10. Ossie says:

    WTF!?! where did that come from?

  11. From Schmitz Blitz:

    Senator Craig has apparently voted against the Kennedy hate crimes amendment, which would add gays to the federal hate crime statute.

    If he voted against gays, he can

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