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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Shake of my fist

So I was walking into the game on Saturday with a student ticket, but I didn’t have my student ID on me. The squirrelly looking ticket person said I cannot go in without my student ID. I stood there for a minute – at this point I probably could have just walked in with the crowd, but I thought it would be fun to see what happens. The ticket person walked over to this lady and I was cordial enough to follow him. Now usually I don’t like to use harsh words when describing people, but because of the way this lady treated me, I will call her swamp donkey. Instead of attempting to converse with me, the swamp donkey walks up to me, snatches my ticket, and starts yelling. My gut reaction was to reach back for my ticket because it was my ticket; I should have been given the chance to take my ticket out, go get my student ID and return.

The swamp donkey instantly grabbed one of my arms and screamed “DPS.” A DPS jerk swooped me from behind, grabbed me with some force, damn near knocked me over and started pushing me forward, yelling “don’t fight me, don’t fight me.” For the record I was not fighting at all, only stabilizing myself while being shoved, nor was I anywhere near blatantly intoxicated at this point (I have witnesses).

We hear week after week all the statistics from Autzen about people getting kicked out. The numbers obviously are helped by over-anxious security who have little skills other than physical force, unable to handle situations any other way. And that is why I’m giving this week’s “Shake of the Fist” to the Autzen Crowd Management Service and the dirty rotten DPS. Way to protect and serve, ya bunch of assholes.

By the way, after being kicked out, I walked and had a couple beers, then bought a ticket for $4 and went into the game, making the whole ordeal that much more asinine.

  1. SimmonsG says:

    Don’t taser Ossie, bro.

  2. Andy says:

    Sorry dawg, good thing its against the law to defend yourself. I think you should file a complaint against the officer and ask for an investigation on why they
    physically abused you.

    See if I was on 13th and grabbed a kid and started yelling ‘don’t fight me’ and then started pushing him around that would be assault. For the ‘only ones’ its called honorable and courageous duty.

  3. Timothy says:

    And they want to give those fuckfaces tazers and guns. Yeah. Brilliant.

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