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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Hey ASUO, could I borrow some money? I swear I’ll pay you back soon…

I think we all knew that this story would come back (the comments are a fun read), but who could have guessed it would have been so gleefully, spectacularly embarassing for everyone involved? That’s right folks, everyone’s favorite former Con Court justice Jerome Roberts promised that he would pay back the $375 he collected in stipends while he was not a student, but he has yet to send a solitary ducat back to the ASUO. According to the Emerald, Roberts was supposed to pay back $50 a month until the sum was redeemed. Let’s see now, the story came to light in May, so you have payments for June through October missing, that’s $250 the ASUO should have back in it’s gullible little mitts by now, instead of a big, fat bupkis. Oh well, it’s not that much money… hell, why doesn’t the Exec just have him work it off over at the Con Court? After all, it’s not like the court could become any more of a joke than it already is…


Awesome raging against the unfairness of making Roberts pay the money back here (scroll down), from everyone’s favorite Senator. Of course enforcing rules is the product of “personal bias” Nate… it has nothing to do with the responsibilities of fair play in government. Hell, why don’t you just go straight for your favorite chestnut and call the whole Senate racist again? Damn, just when you think a situation can’t become any more embarassing…

  1. […] taking the position that the ignorance (or theft) shown by former Con Court justice Jeremy Roberts, who “forgot” to repay a stipend he was given while not a student, is unacceptable. The Green Tape Notebook – made up of the ASUO […]

  2. de lancie says:

    ted: i really wish you could have been here tonight. what a mockery. our bff jaba the nate made another one of his 10 minute long rants about how obscene the ol’ dirty’s article is and what a lack of ethics papailiou has for bringing it up. with two fucks and three shits it was as if gulley was speaking about a day in the life of sudsy. i ended up sinking to his level and calling him a fucking asshole, after the meeting had ended of course. this was after he called me a saint because i didn’t pretend to still be a student after i got kicked out of school…

    no nate, you are the saint. you are a saint for speaking up for all the underrepresented voices on this campus. you’re a saint for wasting senate’s time with matters that are not germane to the business of the body. maybe you should just pay the amount back for him. oh but wait…he didn’t do anything wrong.

    it really does boggle my mind that Roberts thought he could continue to sit on a body made up of students, representing students, of a school he was no longer a student at. i get that he is planning on coming back (admissions gives the student a year to get his her act together before reconsidering the student for re admittance) and i do not think this was some malicious act of his. but rules are not broken based on intent. and i think his intent is being taken into account considering all he is being asked to do in response is pay back the money in small, manageable increments.

    gulley: if you are so concerned with the students on this campus, maybe you should think twice before you attack the character of yet another student. but i guess if you intend on working for the aclu this is no big deal.

    the rest of the senate meeting was fairly routine. the co-ops got $2,500 for plane tickets to a conference through the survival center and the ad club, requesting monies in the amount of $10,000 for the budget they were not granted last pfc season, was not past (thank god).

  3. Ossie says:

    In the words of Nate Gulley: “Jerome Roberts has done zero wrong.”

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