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King of Spain sticks it to Hugo Chavez like a man

From Reuters (emphasis mine):

SANTIAGO (Reuters) – Spain’s King Juan Carlos told Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Saturday to “shut up” during closing speeches by leaders from the Latin world that brought the Ibero-American summit to an acrimonious end.

“Why don’t you shut up?” the king shouted at Chavez, pointing a finger at the president when he tried to interrupt a speech by Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

You see? That’s how you deal with nancy-boy, would-be dictators. King Juan Carlos must have read the Man Issue.

  1. Henryque says:

    mr. chavez has been doing and saying things wich disrespect not only the spanish king or the spanish goverment..he has been disrespecting the people wich he was elected to represent and a nation who intrusted him with the authority of a leader…wich by no means he

  2. Timothy says:

    Aside from that, I heard Chavez goes around claiming he’s an emperor because some watery tart lobbed a scimitar at him.

  3. Olly says:

    “What would we say or do if the King of England had a hand in attacking the U. S. government?”

    We don’t actually have a king at present, Alex. And yet somehow the scenario you propose is not totally implausible…

    “He has no authority-or standing to tell a president of a country to be quiet.”

    I’m not sure that fetishizing the authority of (for the sake of argument) democratically-elected leaders is any more psychologically healthy than bowing and scraping to royalty.

  4. de lancie says:

    It sounds to me that Chavez was being disrespectful to the current speaker Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, had probablly been an ass during most of the conference, and the King was finally fed up and told him to shut it. This is funny to many because telling someone to shut up while pointing a finger at them is hilarious. Also, putting a smart-ass in his place is quite a rewarding feeling and I think those here who supported the King’s action wished that they too could have too. But let us not forget that it was the Prime Minister who was being interrupted and he responded to the banter very clamly and RESPECTFULLY. THis is about respect and discourse. Chavez’s agenda was to attack the Spanish Government. The Ibero-American Summit according the Brazil’s government website, is about political harmonization, not cheap, paranoid attacks on other leaders.

    Check out a clip from the conference…YouTube has lots more!

  5. Alex Gonzalez says:

    Unfortunately, Latin Americans have not completely grasped the idea of true freedom like North Americans. What would we say or do if the King of England had a hand in attacking the U. S. government? (Yeah I know-spare me the Bush jokes). All that aside, the point here is that the King of Spain has no business in agressive political maneuvering in Latin American politics or even to assert his presence. Even though yes, Chavez is a complete punk- I agree. What happend however is that Chavez brought it out to light and in a historical light has the right to lambast this useless figure head. That is the point of my statement.

  6. Niedermeyer says:

    So, you prefer dictators to kings… good for you. In this case, it’s just nice to see a punk finally get punked out. Don’t worry though, the Americans who like Chavez won’t let this bother them too much… but then again, they all still love Angela Davis, who got punked out way worse back in the day.

  7. Alex Gonzalez says:

    It is a shame that American commentators on this site would support the statements of a King. Granted Chavez is a loud-mouthed bofoon, the King of Spain is less credible as a political figure. He has no authority-or standing to tell a president of a country to be quiet. Chavez, who could have been much more articulate, should have made it a point to ridicule the king of spain for being at the summit. Any American should not be sympathetic to any King-especially Latin Americans who booted the spaniards out of their lands during the indipendence movements of the 1800’s.

  8. Jerry Diffey says:

    WTG King;
    It is really too bad that you didn`t have a 44 magnum in your hand when you pointed at the bogus idoit chaves.
    jerry in Georgia USA

  9. muraco says:

    your highness sir, that is too much for a president of a country,sir you need to apologise

    coming from a Spanish born American, I must say Chavez definitely needs someone to teach him manners (to say the least)
    The sad part is the world is blind to the irreparable damages he’s causing in Venezuela
    Good c-jones is what his Majesty Juan Carlos has! BRAVO

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