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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

ASUO: What can Brown do for you?

The ODE’s article today was about Sen. Brown and the Exec appointment that will replace him. In addition to treating us with a large mugshot of Sen. Brown himself on the front page, it outlined the process that the Exec will be taking to replace his position.

Need it be said that they are going to try to find someone that is a little more…liberal…with money?

Let me break this down for you a little more: PFC is comprised of Sen. Wilsey, Sen. Hernandez, Tri Vo, Meili Yu, with PFC Chair Jacob Brennan.

The first two are clearly big, irresponsible spending advocates, with both of them asking for higher PFC benchmarks than the one recommended last night.
Tri and Meili are new to PFC, and are so far the least vocal of the committee. As they start to learn the ropes more, I predict that big programs spending will appeal to them, too. The long-run responsible thing is almost always the harder thing to do in the short run.

That leaves Jacob Brennan, whom I don’t know enough about, and Sen. Brown, who is the only voice on PFC that is not an advocate for big spending.

My hopes are that the Exec will not drag out the appointment process, but gut instinct tells me otherwise. The longer the Exec takes to make an appointment, the more Senate will feel pressured (in interests of time) to quickly approve him/her.
What’s more, the longer the Exec waits, the better the chances Sen. Brown won’t be able to influence the decision or the candidate.

  1. Sean says:

    Coming from you, Guy, that means a lot.

  2. Guy says:

    Sean, nows your chance to be a senator.

    Think of all that prestige, money and the power to be gained.

    Totally worth getting appointed for. You are a shoe in.

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