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Rose Bowl hopes done; Williams turns in poor performance

Very few football teams ever have to resort to relying on its forth and fifth string quarterbacks, and third runningback, to take snaps in an important game. In times like those, it is up to other leaders to make big plays and up the team morale. The defense gave a triumphant performance in the team’s loss to the UCLA Bruins, reminiscent of the Gang Green, but to no avail. The loss turns a once-Cinderella Story, BCS National Title season, into another slightly above average Ducks football season.

It was one of the poorest offensive performances in Duck football history. While I hate to lay blame on any individual in such tough circumstances, I have to say that wide receiver Jaison Williams gave one of the most uninspiring performances I have ever seen, especially for someone who came into the season as a supposed team leader.

“We lost Dixon, and a lot of guys got down and we never really got back up,” receiver Jaison Williams said. “We miss him a lot. In a big game like this, it’s too bad we couldn’t get up for it.”

Williams has dropped the ball many times this season, but nothing before like he did today. Williams made one good catch early from Brady Leaf, but later, with freshman quarterbacks looking for help to jump-start the struggling offense, Williams appeared to have his head elsewhere. Hopefully Williams can make the adjustment in mental toughness, something he showed absolutely no sign of today against the Bruins, for next week and the upcoming bowl game. 

  1. Niedermeyer says:

    Feely was pretty much the only bright spot this weekend for Duck fans… too bad he couldn’t actually beat the bastards. And yeah, Williams is doing a great job guaranteeing that he will never have an NFL career.

  2. Timothy says:

    In other news AJ Feeley actually had a good game, so maybe there’s hope for Leaf…maybe.

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