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Sustainability Coalition, ASUO to hold meeting on administration

Next Monday at 7 p.m. (location to be confirmed) the Sustainability Coalition and the ASUO will hold a meeting to discuss recent controversial actions by the university administration, such as the closing the Holy Cow and the axing of the men’s wrestling program, among others.

The Sustainability Coalition is a loose confederacy of environmental groups on campus, such as the Survival Center, the Coalition Against Environmental Racism and, my personal favorite, Students for Reusable Bags. According to student Robert Kirkpatrick, who is currently involved in the Holy Cow Crusade, the coalition hopes to confront the “general prickishness of the administration” (i.e. it’s lack of student involvement, lack of accountability, etc.).

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  2. Ford says:

    Can we not label the holy cow yes/no debate in terms of liberalism/conservatism? I think it’s insulting to the restaurant and the political theories.

  3. BR says:

    Mindless liberalism makes me nauseous. More disgusting though is probably how they spout off their liberalism mindlessly in the name of some sort of lifelong purpose.

    Doesn’t anyone get that Holy Cow’s removal was financially based? Liberals want more money to fund their expensive socialism and environmentalist policies, and the “evil” administration is responding.

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