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Fascinating Logic

I saw this on Facebook this morning, in a note by Zach Basaraba from the MCC. Basaraba is the same person that ridiculed Meili Yu for being “Culturally Incompetent”, amongst other things.

“Is the current Chinese occupation of Tibet just imperialism, or is the “Free Tibet” campaign just propaganda with the aim of maintaining US imperialism and an elite monarchy in the region (Considering the Dalai Llama is funded by the US Government and was essentially a puppet state of Chieftain rule)?”

Does the MCC really want someone like this representing them? Wow. Their logic has become so twisted that advocating for human rights is now maintaining US imperialism. These people’s hate for America is so strong that they’d rather advocate for CHINESE rule in Tibet.

But it makes sense for the MCC to do so, because after all, in the United States, here they do execute people and bill their families for the bullet used. And they march practitioners of Falun Gong throughout the street before lining them up on a wall and shooting them in the back of the head. And they censor Internet sites and perform late-term abortions on women that violate the one-child policy.

Wait, did I get something wrong here?

  1. Vincent says:

    I apologize everyone, this day on I

  2. Zach Basaraba says:

    We in all seriousness should all get together on a weekend, have a few beers (well I don’t drink) and talk and argue about everything to our hearts content. I here you and Johnny can party pretty hard (which one of you got kicked out of a college for drinking too much?) and I enjoy these conversations.

  3. AYO FOR YAYO says:

    First Ademdemndemnt RIGHTS! This is another line that I wish I could snort, rather than cross. YAHOOO!!!! I dropped my stash in a bottle of water and drank it up, what a first amendment rizzzight. YAHOOOOOOO!!!!

  4. Sam Dotters-Katz says:

    I find it interesting that Zach Basaraba claims how upset he is that people’s right’s are being violated.

    “My complaint is, however, that in this day and age our constitutional rights are being blatainly violated.”

    Yet when my First Amendment Rights were violated during this election and I was not allowed to my freedom of political expression, he was the first to file a grievance in support of the unconstitutional rule. So you are one of two things:

    1. A stooge who never wrote those grievances and was simply used.
    2. A hypocrite who has no real beliefs or morals.

    Which is it?

  5. Zach Basaraba says:

    No actually as Vincent clearly pointed out Sean, it’s “Lama.’ We both now should feel very embarassed.

    My mama? no she’s not a llama or a lama. But she’s votin Obama.

  6. Sean says:

    Actually, it was my bad on misspelling Llama.

    Is your mama a Llama?

  7. Zach Basaraba says:

    Oh hold on just a second there. I just spelled “truly” as “truely.” Oh butterfingers… You know what, I just discovered the error in my ways.

    I apologize everyone, this day on I’m voting for the KKK…oops I mean republican…

  8. Zach Basaraba says:

    You’re absolutely right Vincent. The word for “llama” should actually be “lama.” You absolutely decimated any basis for my opinion. That one “L” proves how ignorant I truely am.

  9. Vincent says:

    I might also suggest that it’s not Tibetian “llamas” that are being persecuted, but lamas. Not only are llamas not indigenous to the Himalayas, but I’m not aware of any standing grudge against them on the part of the People’s Liberation Army.

    Indeed, as I understand it, a “llama” is a species related to the camel that lives in South America. A “lama”, however, is monk in the Tibetian Buddhist tradition, and not in any way to be confused with a furry pack animal.

    Then again, a devout Buddhist who has lived in Tibet might know better than myself of such issues.

  10. […] Sean Jin’s post about Zach Besaraba’s characterization of the furor over Tibet amounting to little more than […]

  11. Vincent says:

    Basaraba’s third paragraph basically sounds like a re-statement of Galloway’s position, sans the bit about “obscurantism.”

  12. Zach Basaraba says:

    Mr Sean Jin,

    You never cease to amaze. I appreciate the spotlight, truly, but it is really unnecessary. I am not sure what the MCC’s image has to do with this, considering it was posted on my own accord.

    But anyways, if you must know, no I am not pro-China and unlike your statements I am personally very Pro-Tibetan independence; not just as a devout Vipassana Buddhist but also as someone who has actually lived in Tibet.

    Why did I write this note you might ask? Well unlike you I actually have quite a strong background in Tibetan history, and if you were to know anything about Tibet, you would in fact know it was ruled as a Feudalist Monarchy until the Chinese took over (considering the Dalai Lama was a mere child and his stewards had control of the country). I was simply illustrating the irony that under the Dalai Lama’s regime people were being pulled on the streets and executed just like they are today…I kind of took this as a point to contemplate within myself and thought others might too.

    And also Mr Jin, I am not anti-American. Not only has every male in my family served in the military, but I also think it is the greatest country in the world. My complaint is, however, that in this day and age our constitutional rights are being blatainly violated (See the Patriot’s Act and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and the Military Commisions Act for details). I find irony that those in power are rich (like George Bush) yet those who go to fight and die for our country are poor.

    I also hope for atleast my sake Sean, that you don’t continue to say I’m anti-American, considering I am middle-eastern american and ever since our invasion of Afghanistan we’ve been illegally roping up and detaining middle-easterners in our own country.


    zach basaraba

  13. Vincent says:


  14. H says:

    Wait … so he’s accusing the Dalai Lama of being a puppet of US imperialism? The fucking Dalai Lama?

    I don’t …. I can’t … head exploding from stupidity of argument.

  15. Sean Jin says:

    So…basically anti-imperialist people have no respect for history (the fact that neither Tibet or Taiwan were historically part of China) or respect for the fact that China has long demonstrated imperial desires more than the United States.

  16. Vincent says:

    To put it another way, if China launched an invasion of Taiwan tomorrow in order to “re-incorporate” the island back into its territory, the “anti-imperialist” crowd wouldn’t so much as peep unless the U.S. Navy intervened to preserve Taiwan’s independence.

  17. Vincent says:

    I was just musing last night whether or not the impending Olympic trials would elicit half the number of people who regularly march around Eugene decrying American and Israeli imperialism.

    I decided that since the Chinese were neither American nor Jewish that the protests would be minor at best. It seems that my instincts were right.

    Good catch, Sean. It’d be interesting to get the MCC’s official stance on Tibet. I predict it’d be a “condemnations of imperialism everywhere, not only in Tibet, but in Palestine and Iraq as well.” Of course, they could just go all out and declare, as the illustrious George Galloway did, that “Tibet was always part of the Chinese motherland, and has been rescued from the mists of obscurantism under the demi- God Dalai Lama by the Chinese revolution”.

    It seems that lining up behind China on the Tibet question is pretty standard “anti-imperialist” strategy these days.

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