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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Notable news of the day

There are three noteworthy pieces in the Emerald today. First, a student came forward and accused Sara Hamilton of soliciting votes in the dorms for the Oregon Action Team.

Andrew McNulty contacted the Emerald Tuesday afternoon and said Hamilton identified herself by name and talked about her campaign for ASUO president last year.

McNulty, a political science major, said he was familiar with her name but he had no connections to the ASUO or any campaign. He said he had not been following this year’s election, but was surprised when he read recently that Hamilton had no formal role in the Oregon Action Team campaign.

This is just building up for Con Court’s big decision whether or not to order another executive election. It has been stated several times by Sam Dotters-Katz that Hamilton was doing things without his consent. If a new election was called, I am going to go around to every dorm and pressure as many kids to vote as possible. I’ll threaten one hall to vote for Kari and another hall to vote for Sam. With those two campaigns sabotaged, Thunderlove can slip right into the presidential position he deserves.

If Con Court does make this decision in favor of Rock The Yello, there is a chance that the University Administration would step in and not allow another election, and perhaps threathen to strip control from the current ASUO. All the rules have been thrown out the window by this point, so who knows what will happen?

Second, there is a breakdown of campaign spending in the election, which actually isn’t very exciting. The OAT spent a lot of money, but in terms of resources used, having control over the elections board pretty much evens out the playing field.

Finally, there is a nice write-up about the AFF blog contest, which we took second in. Thanks to Jill Aho for the coverage and to David Kirby of AFF for the kind words.

CORRECTION: I was just informed that McNulty is not a freshman, as I originally posted, he is a fifth-year senior living in the dorms. Sorry for the error.

  1. Gsim says:

    I’d rather be reported as a freshmen than a dorm living 5th year senior.

    Reporter error in your favor… Collect 200 dollars!

  2. Bryan Saxton says:

    …is not a word!

    So, what happens to RTY for not having an expenditure sheet with inconsistencies? Do they have their grievance submitting privileges revoked?

  3. Sean says:

    Not to mention, sure, we spent a lot of money. But at least we disclosed it. The numbers for the RTY expenditures didn’t even add up. Nothing’s illegal about spending money or getting money from parents, but untransparency…

  4. Ian says:

    Wonder how often he fields questions about being the creepy old man in the dorms.

  5. Asuo Inside outer says:

    lol 5th year senior living in the dorms. Wonder how often he fields questions about buying liquor.

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