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ODE files grievance against Con Court

Editor-in-Chief of the Oregon Daily Emerald Laura Powers is filing a grievance against Con Court for their recent ruling declaring that ASUO candidates can’t advertise with campus media. Powers is appealing the ruling on grounds of factual accuracy, since she can’t argue the Court’s actual reasoning. Powers, along with us, believes the ruling is complete bullshit:

“We’re not a university facility, we don’t reject ads based on politics and everybody has equal access,” Powers said. “Bitch, please!”

Con Court’s ruling seems to imply (although they won’t come out and say it) that since some people [read: Rock the Yellow] couldn’t afford advertisements it wasn’t equal access. I agree with Powers. Bitch, please!

P.S. How great is it that a grievance is being filed against Con Court to be decided by Con Court?

  1. Timothy says:


  2. marginalizer says:

    Yes , I have seen your beautiful equipment at the Nikeworld campus . For those of you who have yet to visit the mother ship you can find pictures of the latest goose egg out of the” innovation kitchen”,just search google images using keywords: nike gizmodo . Back to the Moon trip as I recall towards the end of Moonraker things on the station become a bit sketchy . Do you have a contingency plan? Also your blessed arena /church has become unpopular. Can you buy some ads news coverage to repackage the proposal . The UO foundation duck buck laundromat site seems sustainable by the way where is it ? Can Nike’s Onami involvemnt lead to a tunnel from the lab to your segregated athlete learning center? Glad your eminent domain could be so sustainable, we’ll be sure to keep the media partners and interns squarely on the global whining chicken little 24 hour loop . I read in the Emerald there is a decision to move campus public safety closer to your empty parking lots and arena site so to insure the safety and sustainability of your beloved landbank. Thank you master order of the order of the O for your infinite wisdom. The Westmoreland families weren’t disposed of to aquire ungaurded land. The taser will make clearig the land each morning more efficient.

  3. Frohnmayer says:

    Zach, it’s me Dave again. I got smashed last night and seized half of Eugene using eminent domain. I hope you don’t mind.

    P.S. Phil called. He wanted me to tell you the plans for the Nike Moon Base are coming along swimmingly! Have you ever seen Moonraker? It’s gonna be just like that.

  4. Timothy says:

    Connect the dots, Mister Vishnoff. CONNECT THEM!

    If you connect four in a row you win!

    This game is amazingly similar to a game put out by Parker Brothers. Hmmm….CURIOUS!

  5. marginalizer says:

    Sure glad you goofballs are debating the historic issues of the day in such riveting detail . I just noticed an irregularly shaped dustbunny drifting by-more later on this breaking story.

  6. […] Court Issued its decision today regarding Ed-in-Chief of the ODE Laura Powers’ grievance. Powers’ petitioned the Court to reconsider its controversial ruling that candidates for the […]

  7. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Yes, and speedily dismissed. Paragraph-long decision. Way to be, Con Court.

  8. Jackson says:

    Has it been filed yet?

  9. Jacque says:

    I am a little bit confused. Mainly because I don’t know why I care about this at all… Anyway ummm haven’t people been able to advertise in the ODE in years past? People haven’t because it’s really expensive but where in the rules does it say that it is prohibited? I didn’t read the ruling so I have no idea if there is a rule about it. If there is no rule then what rule has been violated on behalf of the campaign??? anyway confused… but nicely done ODE…

  10. Vincent says:

    Or your penchant for spending questionable amounts of time hanging around with other sweaty men dressed in skirts.

  11. CJ Ciaramella says:

    That’s the third time this month that I’ve been told I look like Leonidas. It must be the rippling pectoral muscles and rock hard abs.

  12. Niedermeyer says:

    Does anyone else see the resemblance here to Mr Ciaramella?

    If not, has anyone ever seen a more mealy-mouthed editorial?

    Graf, you bastard, you promised me change I could believe in!

  13. Vincent says:

    That’s because you’re a degenerate.

  14. CJ Ciaramella says:

    I don’t know, I kind of like it.

  15. Vincent says:

    AYO/Cheerio/Offended by Inst. Racism/whatever name you’re posting under today, please try to behave, huh?

  16. AYO FOR YAYO says:

    Listen to me preach, I found a bag of the goods near my local 7-11. That was great I used them, yes, and they gave me POWERS. I only wish that I could have the Powers of LAURA POWERS! What a fucking genius! Well now I am off to look for some more plastic bags of white sugar, yesir, and I think I just might!

  17. Meghann says:

    My co-worker and dear friend Shadra talked today about how we might handle this situation had it happened when we were at the ODE. It went something like this:

    5:20 PM me: link
    “Bitch, please!”
    5:21 PM Shadra: hahahah
    5:22 PM glad some things never change
    5:25 PM I can imagine that Con Court meeting: Good morning everyone. Grievance dismissed. Court dismissed.
    me: seriously.
    what MORONS, dude.
    I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that sh*t.
    I would freak OUT if we were around for a ruling like that.
    5:26 PM Shadra: seriouslly
    I can just imagine you and Nick
    and all of the yelling and swearing in the newsroom
    oh and Jared
    Jared would freak the f*ck out
    5:27 PM “This is bullsh*t! It’s bullsh*t!”
    5:29 PM me: then we would all end up drinking heavily at Rennie’s or Max’s.
    Shadra: and then
    more yelling and swearing
    5:30 PM I would start out shaking my head at my desk
    and end up shaking my fist at Rennie’s

  18. Jackson says:

    I was once naive and thought the ASUO empowered people. I thought that it worked to promote student groups, protect students against hostile faculty (accusations of cheating), and foster a better campus life. Man, was I wrong! After supporting a successful candidate last year- one who promised a fix to leaky roofs and a general sense of change, but only delivered controversy- I realize now that the egos in Suite 4 are creating such negativity that our student government is a microcosm of national politics. You can really tell which leaders care about students; they are the ones in student groups or programs. They are the ones actually getting something done.

    Like I’ve said before, if I were an employer or admissions dean and I saw “ASUO” on a resume, I would shred it and move on!

  19. Vincent says:

    They’re occasionally good for a laugh.

    I mean, the Con Court ruling on a grievance against themselves? Things have gotten so absurd that it’s hard to even be pissed anymore. Student government has officially moved into the realm of parody.

  20. Toby says:

    Maybe we should amend the Constitution to abolish the con court and the senate. Does anything good ever come from these two bodies?

  21. Meghann says:

    “Bitch, please!”


  22. Rocko says:

    Seriously, Con Court gets to decide on a grievance filed against it? When this mess blows over, the Constitution should be amended so that grievances against Con Court are heard by the Senate.

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