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Constitutional Rights

This last week, the College Republicans celebrated Second Amendment Day, which simply involves taking a bunch of people off city limits and onto public land, and shooting a myriad of weapons. It is one of the more exciting parts of exercising our citizenship and Constitutional Rights.

A video by Kenny Crabtree can be found here.

As a final note, I just had the idea to exercise some of our other Constitutional Rights in a similar celebratory manner:
First Amendment Day – Overused by hippies, Bible Jim, Brother Jed, and protestors.

Sixth Amendment Day – Right to speedy trial

Eighth Amendment Day – No cruel or unusual punishment

16th Amendment Day – Authorization of Federal Income Taxes. I guess they already have one of these, it’s on April 15th.

My favorite: 21st Amendment Day – Repealing of 18th Amendment (Prohibition)

  1. Toby says:

    I will pop off a few rounds in honor of it, then maybe a few more rounds in honor of the OC, or many pop off a few cans of brew in their honor, not wure which. Maybe both, that is always fun.

  2. Alex says:

    Sean, you HAVE to invite me next time you celebrate the 2nd Amendment

  3. Rocko says:

    Least Favorite Amendment: 23rd

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