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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Metal Monday: Moonbat Edition

Everyone’s favorite ex-professor Deb Frisch is currently spamming up the Daily Emerald’s comment section. She’s using the following sock puppets: “heckler,” “amos,” “borscht belt,” “sara hodges,” “bill not so hardbaugh,” “myron rothbart,” “ben Bernanke,” and  “david crowell.” Frisch’s beautiful prose can also be found clogging up the comments at Predictably Irrational.

I don’t have the energy to tell the full, convoluted tale of Deb Frisch’s Internet Jihad, but let’s just say if you could convert crazy to electricity, Frisch could power Las Vegas for a week. You can read the whole backstory in the archives or over at the Deborah Frisch Timeline. Thanks to Will for the tip.

UPDATE: I just remembered it was my turn to do Metal Monday. There’s a video dedicated to Auntie Moonbat after the jump

  1. Vincent says:

    You know what else is dead? This thread.


  2. dc says:

    Hitler is dead. Nobody cares about him, unless they want to vilify somebody or rally the blind masses toward bombing Iran.

    Questioning aspects of the spoonfeeding we have received does not make one a Hitler affeciando. whatever that word is.

    CJ do you know what SDS means?

  3. dc says:

    >>>and constantly drag threads far off topic with whatever inane commentary you happen to remember from your SDS days – <<

    You’re mistaken, again.

  4. CJ Ciaramella says:

    “Are you hungover?”

    The answer is always yes.

    /Internet drama makes me hott.

    P.S. I won’t be able to make it to David Irving (family business). I’m kind of bummed out. I wanted to ask him some questions such as: “Hitler? Good guy … or greatest guy?”

  5. dc says:

    “That sort of rubbish” / “crossing the line” / now it’s bigotry, eh.

    I’ve posted here, not “trolled” and only when you guys have unfairly fried our political discussion group~ Pacifica Forum.

    I have weathered much name calling and ridiculous assumptions from quite a few kids in your little OC clan, and if the way to play your blog, is as you’ve laid out / threatened, then

    see ya.

    I don’t have a website, thought you’d genuinely consider posting the deleted thread into the Pacifica Forum archive here. I offered you the word doc , because I could/ in case you don’ t have access to the deleted/original.

    Are you hungover?

  6. Timothy says:

    dc – I’m going to put on my admin hat for a second here, for the second or third time in as many days (which, as the real contributors around here can attest is fairly infrequent under normal circumstances) and be very clear.

    1) You are welcome to post whatever you wish from your word document to your own website, go right ahead. You don’t even really need my permission, it’s a free internet.

    2) If you don’t know what a neo-nazi is and are talking up David Irving, my judgement of fool is probably a little too charitable.

    3) Again, I refuse to pay for discussion of virulent, ahistorical bullshit by bigots. It’s a big internet, they’re free to be bigots someplace else. They’re free to go to their bigot meetings and have little bigot chats about what a fucking coward I am for “censoring” their commentary on our privately paid for webspace. I couldn’t really care less what they do on their own dime, but I’ll dictate the terms of what mine gets used for, thanks.

    4) You’ve been trolling here for several weeks, contributed little to nothing of substance, and constantly drag threads far off topic with whatever inane commentary you happen to remember from your SDS days – and we’ve been pretty accomodating up to this point. But you’re skating on thin ice here, lass. Continually linking your own site when it isn’t of relevance to anything in what I can only assume is a pathetic attempt to increase your traffic or get attention; babbling on incohately about various conspiracy theories – again without any regard for topical relevance – and tend to pull all the air out of the discussion. For the most part, I find that annoying but not particularly worth doing anything about. However, the holocaust denial crap and the Zionist Conspiracy bullshit either need to get turned down from CRAZYPANTSTOWN to about 0.5 in a hurry or we’re going to have an issue going forward.

  7. dc says:

    It was just a suggestion, I think that anyone who reads your guys’ ill references to those posts deserves the opp. to decide for themselves if something offensive was said.


    “It is easy to intelligently crush demagogues via rational thought and sound arguments backed up with factual information.”
    Chris Holman OC blog

    [and if that is impossible~ ban the “douchefucks”]

  8. Vincent says:

    It’s time to give it up, dc. If you want to post your word document of all the comments at your own website and talk about how we’re censoring you, that’s fine.

    The Commentator, however, isn’t interested in hosting that sort of rubbish on our privately owned website.

  9. dc says:

    Just found this.

    I don’t even know what a neo nazi is.

    And I realize you deleted those posts because you assumed the posters were from the stormfront site, which, I gather must advocate either violence, white people, or something else you find distasteful.

    But WRH [ ] carried a link to CJ’s piece on the David Irving visit also, and that is a news site, with intelligent readers> some of whom made intelligent comments about free speech at your blog. and you deleted ’em, because
    you were too busy thinking you were being invaded by “scary people” shitting on your floor, to grok what the posters had to say.

    I think “the Bard” was Mike Rivero. and I also think it wouldn’t hurt you guys, to put that thread back into the archives, in its entirety. Those posters won’t be back, they already saw that you have censored them~ which is totally within your rights/ no argument here. Just stop alluding to your decision as if you were a crusader against some dark force. Archive what was actually said.

    There was nothing wrong with the posts, except maybe the frequency. and the fact that you need an open mind to listen well.

    I have the thread in a word doc.

    Peace and War~

  10. Gsim says:

    No Neo Nazis allowed? Well, how about white separatists?

    What if they are polite?

  11. Timothy says:

    DC – If you don’t understand the difference between a private and a public space, then I really can’t help you. But to put it as clearly as I can: I am not going to have neo-nazi white supremecists shitting all over our comments section. Imagine if I walked into your house, presuming you actually have one, and shat right in the middle of your living room floor. You probably wouldn’t invite me back, and you’d be well within your rights. Same principle.

    If you find our “No neo-nazis” policy objectionable, there are plenty of other forums to troll.

  12. dc says:

    “When you have censorship, you can’t have rebuttals.
    And then people can’t see how weak the rebuttals are.”

    This (should be) the local Lobby’s new Moniker.

    citation to the creator of the third of the
    link; which you censored/cut off that other thread.

    ER I’m gonna start callin you ABE. (Why Foxman, again?)
    Oh yeah. I remeber now. You like the dominant narrative. Regardless of whether it’s true…

    MODERATOR TIME: Direct link to holocaust denial site broken to avoid another incident like the previous one.

  13. Timothy says:

    Sean – Here’s a better example of exactly what I mean.

  14. Sean says:

    “Real American cash money dollars”

    I think you should elaborate further what you mean by these.

  15. Timothy says:

    As the dude who moderated the comments (note that I did not delete them), and the guy who actually pays real American cash money dollars out of his own pocket so that this here website can exist, I’ll say this:

    I modded the comments after the last inoffensive one and put ALL of them in the bin for the sake of thread continuity. If the other admins at the OC have a problem with that, they’re quite welcome to take it up with me and we can go from there. They get a say because, despite my owning it, the OC blog is as much theirs (if not more) than it is mine and they’re the guys currently running the Magazine. I’ve done what I think is appropriate, if that’s not the call everybody at the OC wants to make, well, we’ll come to a decision.

    DC, you get no say becuase you don’t own the website, you’re just some douchefuck.

  16. Sean Jin says:

    StormFront looks like a fan site for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. But eviler.

  17. dc says:

    OK I see. But there were a couple of right on, intelligent posts, and 2 posters in particular that I am familiar with and you wiped theirs, also. They were not from Stormfront.

    and what about my posts that show as

  18. CJ Ciaramella says:

    THIS is what made me think so. Not safe for work or intelligent people, by the way.

    http://www. stormfront. org/ forum/ showthread.php?t=494768

  19. dc says:

    I don’t think so~ What made you think it was Stormfront?

  20. dc says:

    I’ve never been there before, but will go check. I do know that it was posted at ‘my’ site, The best source for current events on the net(s) . : )

  21. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Actually, there was a post on linking to the David Irving post. So yes, white nationalists. And fucktards.

  22. dc says:

    Those were whatreallyhappened readers, not “white nationalists”, not “fucktards”.

    They were trying to give you a hand out of your slumber. Now I see it’s by choice that you have your heads in your asses.

    Have a good life, kids.

    Crossed the line? Were you offended?

  23. CJ Ciaramella says:

    I can believe we wiped that thread. It’s our blog. Private, not public. And we don’t exactly enjoy being invaded by a bunch of white nationalist fucktards.

  24. Sean Jin says:

    Look people…come here and say just about whatever you want (and I’m happy to see that we also have a line that can be crossed), but don’t be impersonating one of the more legitimate and intelligent readers on here.

    It just undermines any weak case you may have had before.

  25. Chris Holman says:

    It may not be protection…

    I’m just speculating here, but it could be that there is no desire to be associated with the comments that were made. Most of which sounded like canned stupidity. Of course, people have a right to be stupid and/or ignorant and spew their *insert correct noun here*, etc. Do people have to serve as a channel for it though? I don’t think so.

    So, in the end, it likely boils down to not feeding the trolls and not wanting to associate with them.

    Lucky for the trolls, they too have their home(s) where they’re free to say whatever they want regardless of how insane or reckless or stubbornly framed their thoughts and comments might be. God Bless the Internets!

    Of course, I’m just speculating and not speaking for anyone in particular.

    But yeah, it’s likely to be more of a sense of taste and rational intelligence being judiciously applied to a stream of ‘thought’ rather than just censorship. Although, I can see how the latter might shine through to those who are looking for it.

    Personally, it would be a different matter if the thread was still open AND being wiped at the same time. Closing it off to end the discussion in this forum and wiping what the owners of the site are likely disassociating themselves from…that’s fine by me.

  26. dc says:

    Can’t believe you wiped that thread, guys. Luckily I have a copy.
    Who are you trying to protect?

    Or did the big brown OC censorship shoe come down and make the decision for you.

  27. Chris Holman says:


    I love the way that people come to a discussion with a framework so heavily embedded that they cannot frame anything outside of it. Even if you tell them what your opinions are and get specific about them, like CJ, et al. have, it just doesn’t compute.

    Of course, I’m basing that off of the assumption that Pollard is some Irving-thread overflow that refuses to go away…

  28. Pollard says:

    What’s the matter? The Free Speech-deniers afraid of Frisch, too? Truth doesn’t fear debate. Although I must admit, the paranoia here is somewhat amusing, if not telling.

  29. Clinton says:

    Whatever the answer may be, ask yourself…

    …yea, you probably don’t want to know, huh?

  30. lani says:

    Never mind. I guess I should have read the full Deb timeline with photos before asking the question. I have but one question left…How does a nutcase like Ms. Frisch support herself?

  31. lani says:

    OK I give up. I am on Ms. Frisch’s email list via a neighborhood association. Would someone please tell me who she is, whether she even lives in Eugene anymore and if she has always been so nutty. I have to know and have no one to ask. Everyone seems to hate her and with seemingly good reason. Did she used to teach at U of O? Was she always crazy? Please tell me something, I would really like to know.

  32. Timothy says:

    Because she is a crazy person, and they do crazy things.

  33. Sakaki says:

    Someone should let Prof. Freinkel know that someone is using her name in a really bad way. Why did Deb have to pick on a nice professor?

  34. sulla says:

    If someone can acquire Power of Attorney from a few traumatized UO lampposts and/or the Wayne Morse statue, we could swiftly obtain for Dr. Debbie that three-hots-and-a-cot her foam-spittled comments merit.

  35. Clinton says:

    Holy crap, I was going to just come back and make sure it was another successful year where (whoever) couldn’t take down the OC.

    Its always great to come back and get a gem like this though.

  36. Will says:


    “I got a well-articulated and concise e-mail from her also.”

    You, sir, are the master of understatement!

  37. Matt Petryni says:

    Thanks, Will. I got a well-articulated and concise e-mail from her also. I promptly ignored it, but it was, of course, ever clearer evidence of her insanity. It’s just too bad…

    By the way, I rarely read comments on my articles, just don’t have the time. But I’m glad she’s having some fun out there with it at least. I’m sure we’ll see more in the days and weeks to come.

  38. Will says:

    …1. Fire!

    emen ibanga
    posted 5/27/08 @ 7:15 PM PST

    heckler’s prejudiced against obama because he reminds her of me. i’m the guy who sent the fuzz to get her after Ms. Sloat lied to Officer C.T. Vreim of EPD, thereby committing the crime of initiating a false report (162.375).

    Don’t take your anger at me out on obama! You hear me! Don’t do it! Don’t make me get rough witch chew!

    lisa freinkel
    posted 5/27/08 @ 7:24 PM PST
    you are a pathetic little cocksucker. you take down the post attributed to orbell but not the one attributed to me? more proof that you are a sexist shmuck – hopefully you’ll be eliminated from the gene pool by a dead duck before you can propagate your sorry ass genes.

    screw you, cunt!

    posted 5/27/08 @ 7:29 PM PST
    not only that, lisa. matt the cocksucker deleted kirk i. hays contact info too.

    matt sucked john orbell’s cock and kirk i. hays’ cock and didn’t do anything for you.

    that’s a whOregon d*ck for you! it’s all about the d*ck – these boyth don’t give a rat’s ass about beaver! matt sucks jason’s cock – jason suck ryan’s cock – it’s one big happy cocksucking family!

    who needs beaver when you’ve got so much d*ck, right ryan? right jason? right matt?

    lick that dick, boyth! u go you daffy duckth you!!!!!


  39. Will says:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Frischmas. Get ready for a vodka burst in 3…2…

    Frisch is posting up a storm on her site and at the Emerald. This never ends well.

  40. Will says:

    Matt, congratulations!

    By the way, Frisch left two comments to your opinion piece, among others, posting as Lisa Freinkel Associate Professor, English and John Orbell, emeritus professor of political science. She really knows no boundaries.

    I won’t post this at the Emerald but she just put up this post on her blog:

    “John whOrbell’s the guy who hired me in 1988. I’ll never forget…he took me on a drive to see the rock where Pre bit the bust. I’d never heard of Steve Prefontaine and was quite perplexed that Professor Orbell thought I’d be interested in seeing the place he died.

    I ate pork chops and apple sauce at John’s house with his bland, not-too-bright wife Sandy and their children.

    John had an ill-fated affair with a psychology graduate student who was much smarter and much hotter than bland sandy (blandy?)

    May 27, 2008 5:05 PM”

    She truly is vile.

  41. Matt Petryni says:

    I’ve just been FRISCHED! What an honor! I would thank my family and friends and whatnot, but honestly, only Deb herself deserves my undying gratitude.

  42. Will says:

    Sweet! The Ol’ Dirty just removed Deb’s awful post where she used Sara Hodges name.

  43. Timothy says:

    It’s a trick, get an ax.

  44. Will says:

    By the way, Sara Hodges is Associate Professor, Psychology at UO. I can’t imagine that she would be pleased to know the Debbie Frisch is making comments under her name.

  45. Will says:

    Thanks, CJ.

    I think the reason she has increased her postings at the Ol’ Dirty is that she was banned at the Register Guard, both from their online edition and even from their email server after inundating them with vile and obscene posts and emails.

    Imagine, being banned by a newspaper. You gotta be pretty crazy to achieve that! 404 has now gone 550.

  46. Sean Jin says:

    Stand by for comments from the DebTroll here.

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