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Stay Classy, Eugene

An email from our buddies at EPD:

Local area Law Enforcement was kept busy on game day for the Duck’s season opener. The officers working the game itself ejected 60 spectators. 44 of those ejections were alcohol related. There were 7 related to disorderly conduct and the rest were misc. reasons such as trespass and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

The post game traffic was complicated by a DUII crash into a telephone pole on Coburg Rd near Harlow Rd. around 7:39 PM, resulting in a power outage to a large area and snarled traffic (Incident #68781). The driver suffered minor injuries and was arrested for DUII. Arrested was Elizabeth Yural Sholes, 111978. Repair crews were able to temporarily secure power lines to open Coburg Rd. until the post game traffic
subsided and they could resume repairs. As of this release they were still working on it. Two more DUII drivers were arrested by EPD out of the post game traffic. OSP accounted for one more, SPD two, and LCSO has yet to report in.

Officers were kept busy with other non-game related calls involving disputes, fights, a street robbery.

  1. Billy says:

    Yeah… I saw this chick driving all over the place. She was driving out of control. She got all upset and then just crashed. She looked terrible. She was obviously wasted out of her mind….

  2. Sean says:

    I saw at least one guy getting ejected from the student section for being too drunk by Crowd control, and another guy for getting in a fight with a girl.

    All in all a good time. Too bad no Husky fans were brutally mauled.

  3. Michael G. says:

    I have a couple of pictures of the crash on Coburg. I’d left the market of choice and happened upon the accident less than a minute after it happened.

    I got out and stopped all the idiots from continuing to drive under the ever-more-sagging power lines

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