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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Anonymous Oregon Blogger Revealed, Turns Out To Be Asshat

There’s a fairly hilarious kerfuffle going on right now between two Oregon bloggers, Jack Bog and “Oregon Reality.” Mr. Bog became so outraged by the other blogger’s attacks on him that he “outed” the anonymous blogger, revealing his true identity for all to see. (As we all know, that is the ultimate disgrace for anonymous bloggers, much like masked luchadores). And it was none other than … Troutdale City Councilor Rob Canfield.

Normally I wouldn’t be writing about such an Internet wank-fest, but I happened to notice this little tidbit in Jack Bog’s post:

Canfield also posts on other internet sites as himself, as “Oregon Reality,” and apparently as “wob” or “wobboh,” using a Verizon account.

Could it be? Is Canfield the same “wubba wubba” who instigated one of the most ridiculous comment threads in Oregon Commentator history? For shame, Troutdale. For shame.

  1. Vincent says:

    No. A quick IP lookup on “Wubba Wubba” reveals that a) he never posted from either of those IP’s b) he’s probably a Eugene resident, since he posted both from a 128.223.*.* IP, which is University of Oregon, as well as expressed familiarity with the Indigo District bar and its trajectory from halfway-decent drinking establishment to sleazy, Hep-C acquisition joint, something that a Troutdale city council member is unlikely to know.

  2. A friend says:

    Were the comments posted from or Those were Mr. Canfield’s IP addresses around that time.

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