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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

ASUO Senate Meeting Tonight

Another Wednesday, another ASUO Senate Meeting. I can’t tell if there will be anything juicy from reading the agenda (being the enthralling piece of prose that it is), but the Survival Center is putting in a special request (surplus request for “revolutionary filing cabinet,” I presume).

I’ll be doing my part as a 21 century, techno-wizard journalist and twittering the night’s proceedings. As usual, the sideshow starts at seven p.m.

P.S. Oh, I guess there is that whole “presidential debate” thing tonight, or so I hear, but who cares about that?

  1. Michelle Haley says:

    There is an open meeting to discuss that concern with Sam DK and Max Rayneard (the Grad student on the Presidential Hiring Committee) tomorrow in the Ben Linder Room at 4pm, Faux Frohn, I hope to see you there; I’m skipping class for the event.

  2. Faux Frohn says:

    What about the idea of having a closed Presidential search? Does the Senate have any authority or say in the process?

    Because, frankly, I think the reason it’s closed is not to encourage high-profile candidates to apply but rather to hide the embarrassment of admitting twiddle-dumb and twiddle-dumbass are the only two candidates we have.

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