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Senate Meeting For 11/19/08

Note: This post was edited on 12/6/10 by Editor-in-Chief Lyzi Diamond. The link to the PDF of the Nathan Perley grievance has been changed to a link to the Con Court’s webpage where those grievances are stored.

Additionally, this information is added:

Senate Treasurer Nathan Perley was found NOT guilty on all allegations as evidenced by the ASUO Con Court opinion attached below. According to the Court’s assertions, the accusations against Senator Perley were “without merit…inconclusive or clearly rebutted by evidence submitted by the Respondent [Senator Perley].”

Senate Treasurer Perley completed a full and complete tenure pursuant to rules postulated by the ASUO.

Here’s the breakdown of the Senate meeting tonight:

  • A grievance was filed by our own Michelle Haley against Sen. Nate Perley for 11 counts of non-fulfillment of duties. Whoops! Read the document here (scroll down to 6 C.C.).
  • Senate approved a seven percent ACFC benchmark … even though the ACFC recommended a 13 percent decrease. The Senate, in their infinite wisdom, wanted to maintain the LTD bus service that is currently on the chopping block. Never mind the fact that a seven percent increase will still not be enough to satiate LTD. That’s some good governin’ there, kiddos.
  • Sen. Jones said that she recently discovered she is a “Marxist-feminist.” Good for you!
  • Senate approved a 5.35 percent PFC benchmark, which was the PFC Board’s recommendation. There was a brief (and by brief I mean hour-long) discussion about whether to compromise between the PFC Board and the Exec’s 4.6 percent recommendation, but it was dropped. Members of the PFC Board said several times their benchmark recommendation was the ceiling, and they would most likely come in under that figure. Outside in the hall, I overheard Sen. Schultz say that he would resign if the PFC went over the benchmark. Holdin’ you to that, buddy.
  • During the benchmark discussion, ASUO Exec Sam Dotters-Katz brought up the fact that the UO has the highest incidental fee per capita in the country, to which Sen. Weintraub exclaimed, “And I think that’s great!” Sen. Nix was the only one at the table who appeared troubled by the ever-growing I-fee.
  • Senate approved a seven percent EMU benchmark.
  • Quote of the meeting: when Senate President McCafferty asked everyone to “please refrain from intense rustling” when he called to vote.

Once again, I also send live updates of Senate meetings via Twitter, so check that out if you have some sort of masochistic love of the ASUO.

  1. Sam says:

    What’s your point

  2. Lyzi says:


    There are about 250-300 students who are actively involved in some sort of program on campus, whether it be an ASUO program, academic program (marketing club, for example), or otherwise. That means that of the 20,000 people on this campus, over 19,000 of them are not involved in any way that you or anyone else could quantify (besides departmental and class rosters). Every student pays the i-fee, regardless of whether or not they are involved. If you are running your campaign for “every student”, the only way that you have jurisdiction is to get every student involved in the ASUO. Let’s see some of that. The ASUO is not as big as you are making it sound if only 200 students take part in its events / programs.

    To clarify, my opinion on the ASUO: The ASUO was put in place to transfer liability from the administration to the “students” (about 200 of them) so that when they fuck up they can blame it on us. We’re easier to forgive, we’re just kids. As someone who is dealing with an administrative fuck up right now, I can tell you that that is all I have seen from the ASUO so far. Fixing an administrative mess.

  3. Vincent says:


  4. Vincent says:


  5. Vincent says:

    God, you people are such a bunch of fucking babies.

  6. Looking For An Advisor says:

    Hi, I am an ASUO Senator. I think I would make a great ASUO President for the following reasons:
    I haven’t done any of my office hours!
    I don’t give a fuck about my academic constituents!
    I come and go at Senate meetings as I see fit!
    I care more about giving money to big programs who’s members vote!

    Would anyone like to run my campaign?

  7. Barret and Schultz Campaign Advizor says:

    Upon hearing the recent news of David Frohnmayer’s bid for the ASUO Presidency next year, Barret and Schultz are formally renouncing their candidacy.
    It has been a great run. Thank you so much for all of your unsolicited support.

  8. Shareef Abdul-Rahim says:

    Ella Barret and Nick Schultz for the presidency, Can Mr. Schultz even handle the ASUO office?

  9. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Man, you guys all suck.

  10. Robert Saks says:

    Come see me!

  11. Tyler S says:

    cut holy cow, and by that i dont mean the shitty food place, i mean kate jones’ belly

  12. Jackson says:

    What does this mean for Ella Barrett and Nick Schultz’s bid for the presidency?

  13. Chris says:

    OSPIRG should be next.

  14. Shareef Abdul-Rahim says:

    The bailout has not been supported by the lame duck administration of the Bush administration. Will Obama support any financial aid package? Tune in idiots

  15. the green team says:

    oooh one more thing

    OSPIRG is next 🙂

  16. the green team says:

    Don’t be jealous rock the yellow because your campaign failed miserably despite the fact that you had the entire exec staff, president, and vice president working for your campaign.

    and what about rock the yellow’s platform issues???

    Mac court is getting torn down
    the programs lost their spending cash (over-realized)
    And last time I checked, no student had been electrocuted due to “amping up their power”

  17. Lee says:

    Looks like someone has a little crush on Nathan Perley.

    More than half of those complaints could be lodged against any Senator. The first complaint is legitimate but the second complaint is silly. No-one fund raises for Senate. I won’t get into the third complaint….but it seems ridiculously nit picky. Does Perley need to encourage questions, just so he can answer them? As for the academic complaints, Seat 14 certainly hasn’t posted office hours and information up in the Political Science office. I imagine postings are vacant in most buildings and schools of Academic Senator office hours. I just removed a schedule last week of ASUO Senator office hours from 2006- including names like Jacqueline Justice and Jacob Daniels from the 9th floor of PLC. As for the finance retreat… many Senators missed the finance retreat last fall, many more didn’t attend the make-up session.

  18. caroline says:

    senators schultz and miller, we know who has been naughty and nice. This time it will be a christmas surprise.

    youre next

  19. Rock the Yellow says:

    the green team is falling apart!!! thats what you get for building a campaign on $$ and not values!

  20. Betz says:

    How can anyone “intensely” rustle anything?

  21. Ossie says:

    Any progress on the special request for a Sudsy suit? Come on, do something the whole campus can enjoy

  22. Schultz says:

    Don’t you worry CJ … I’ll resign even if we meet out target. It’s just a matter of timing at this point.

  23. Alex McCafferty says:

    Although I appreciate being awarded the “quote of the meeting”, (especially concerning the degree of intense rustling) I must say that the best quote of the meeting was to “give a tap” to mr rose congratulating him on his speech and debate performance, the later clarification stated that the tab should be on the shoulder…

  24. Sam Dotters-Katz says:

    I would like to clarify or elaborate on my point about the I-Fee.

    For too long the argument has been made that there is an attack on programs. I hear far too often about student groups and programs that have been “excluded from the process”, and terms like “Senate’s money”, or “Programs money”.

    I ran a campaign that promised to advocate on behalf of the every day student.

    I strongly support and believe that the vast majority of student programs and groups provide an essential part of the University experience. But if you look at the fact that … “The UofO has the highest I-Fee in the nation per capita”, it cannot be said that we are not extremely generous to those groups already, in fact we are the most generous campus in the country at giving out money to student groups.

    When I was told that my plan to keep the library open 24 hours last year was not worth it, yet hair shows costing more then my entire proposal were then approved, I believe that it was indicative that not only are a great majority of students left out of the ASUO budget process, but there is a further movement by many in student government to exclude everyday students from the process in order to conserve resources.

    All I am saying is that the ASUO is not just the student groups and programs in the EMU, it’s every student on campus. I do not and will not apologize for the fact that I want to work to benefit every student at the UofO. With the highest I-Fee in the country primarily going to those programs, which I do believe are great and beneficial to all students, it is not inappropriate or wrong to advocate that some money from Over-realized, Senate Surplus, or any other source for that matter go not just to a group, but to an initiative or event that is geared to the entire campus.

  25. CJ Ciaramella says:

    I was more concerned by the fact that one of the Senators would find this something to be proud of …

  26. Chris says:

    I found this…which details what is going to happen with the whole rolling fees into tuition thing, but it seems to me that this will make it even harder for students to figure out exactly where their tuition dollar will go. I don’t know…I’ll keep looking.

  27. Chris says:

    “Highest Incidental Fee Per Capita”

    I think this is/could be misleading. I know it sounds bad, but just one example of how this is skewed is the fact that the U of O has traditionally lumped a lot of things together into the I-Fee. For instance, this is the first year that the fee for the Rec Center was not part of the I-Fee. I imagine that other schools do not lump things together the same ways.

    I would have to see the source of the information behind that quote, but for now I think that this is sort of like OSPIRG going around classrooms all year saying that the Willamette is the dirtiest river west of the Mississippi…and not having a reasonable source to substantiate the claim.

    I like what Sam is doing, so don’t take this as a jab at him…..the whole I-fee issue just seems to me to be more complicated given the variety of ways that universities structure their fees.

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