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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Eugene Weekly on Gun Control: “Duuurrr.”

Today’s Eugene Weekly cover story is on the recent surge of gun sales in light of Barack Obama’s victory. The writer, Rick Levin, chalks it up to the usual suspects: NRA hysteria and rednecks.

But is stocking up on guns and ammo really such a bad idea? Consider that Obama has tapped Eric Holder to be attorney general. Holder is a notorious supporter of gun control and even signed an amicus brief in support of D.C. in District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court case that struck down D.C’s unconstitutional handgun ban.

It doesn’t help that Levin also happens to be a self-aggrandizing dumbass. To wit:

Apparently, I’m a very good shot with the high-powered stuff. A dead eye. The first time I squeezed the trigger of a 9-mm Glock, I drilled a kill-center shot into a paper target strung about 20 feet away. Almost took off the thumb on my left hand, too, when the slide kicked back and hit my second and third knuckle, opening up a bloody wound that — once I realized I hadn’t accidentally killed myself or anyone else — only added to my feeling of bad-assedness.

Loading a gun, holding a gun, shooting a gun like that is no joke. It’s like wielding the power of God.

Perhaps when addressing such topics in the future, the EW could choose a writer who doesn’t have his head stuck up his ass.

  1. lars siler says:

    First annual assault weapon shoot off scheduled next month in Wyoming.Last contestant living wins a trophy

  2. Vincent says:

    Every time you talk about how rich you are, Baby Obama cries.

  3. Alumni_75 says:

    err I mean yardsticks

  4. Alumni_75 says:

    I just glue 2 rulers together

  5. Gsim says:

    He should have also mentioned the largeness of his penis.

    Remember you have to say its big, but you don’t want to go overboard. People might not believe it. I think 9.5 inches is large enough, but not so big to be unbelievable.

  6. Betz says:

    And don’t forget to mention that you eat lobster every night, you speak 4 languages, and voted for Obama.

  7. Josh M. says:

    Alumni, you forgot to mention how hot your girlfriend is and what kind of suits you wear.

  8. Alumni_75 says:

    Jeeze, I must be one of those usual suspects….
    graduate of UofO School of Architecture
    make over 125k
    drive a BMW
    computer consultant
    own several guns of the evil black variety

    yep, just your typical redneck.

  9. Matt Petryni says:

    “Anyone whose anyone knows 9mm is for chicks.”


  10. Chris says:

    T’is true….shooting a 9mm at something is about the same as throwing warm peanuts at them.

  11. Jeremy Cummings says:

    I second Gsim’s comment.

  12. Vincent says:

    Guy is my favorite commenter on the OC blog.

  13. Gsim says:

    Forgot to add:

    Anyone who describes a 9mm handgun as high powered exposes themselves to being entirely ignorant to the subject.

    Anyone whose anyone knows 9mm is for chicks. Real men shoot .45 and thats only because they don’t make .46

  14. Gsim says:

    Actually, now probably isn’t the best time to buy any sort of military pattern rifle or ammunition.

    With all the new demand for these sort of weapons the price of them has increased dramatically. An AR15 capable of pumping round after round into friends and coworkers could be had for around 700 bucks. I think they run around 1000 bucks right now. The AK47 variants (the preferred weapon of the enemy) could be bought for less than 400 bucks 5 months ago. They are selling for $650 on gun broker now.

    Most of these guns are being bought by people who can’t really afford them (read bought with credit cards) and they view them primarily as badass toys for tough dudes.

    When the bills start piling up and they need to make rent people aren’t going to be selling their new flat screen televisions. They’ll be selling their guns (that they only fired 50 times because each bullet costs around 40 cents).

    Wait 6 months or so and you’ll find some great deals on some really nifty stuff.

  15. Tyler says:

    Wow, he’s such a terrible shot he can’t fire a gun without bleeding.

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