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ASUO Constitutional Amendments, Grievance Update

ASUO Exec Sam Dotters-Katz has proposed several amendments to the ASUO Constitution, engineered by former Senate President Athan Papailiou, that would add justices to the Constitution Court and grant the Senate greater oversight over the court and the Elections Board. From the ODE:

Dotters-Katz and Papailiou’s proposal would add two justices to the existing five-member court and require it to submit rules changes to the Senate for approval. It would also re-establish the Elections Board as an independent entity to avoid conflicts of interest that Papailiou said were endemic under previous administrations.

Speaking of Con Court, OC contributor Michelle Haley sent the august body a nice Christmas card over break regarding her ongoing grievance with ASUO Senator Nate Perley*:

Honorable Members of the Court;
I hope your Winter break is going well. I am writing to notify you that I have yet to be served Sen. Perley’s response to the grievance I petitioned November 19th, 2008, or a response to the addendum I have filed December 3rd, 2008. I hereby request that this Court view any response filed by Mr. Perley as void because he has communicated with the Court while failing to serve Petitioner with these responses. It has been the precedent of this Court to only allow items that have been completely reviewed by all parties to be part of any deliberation or decision and it is my hope that this procedure remains the same in this case.
Thank You,

* Perley, as you might remember, told everyone he was “not going to cry” when he was served with the grievance.

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