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Senate Wrap-up for 2/18/09

Last night Senate appointed people to two vacant seats – Mike Broetzmann to Seat Three and Demic Tipitino to Seat Nine. Broetzmann was voted in 7-1-7. Hilarity ensued when it became apparent that Broetzmann couldn’t be appointed right away because he already held a seat on the Programs Finance Committee. It was determined after several minutes of confused cross-talk that the only way to proceed was: (1) to table the motion to appoint Broetzmann, (2) have a speaker address him and allow him to verbally resign, (3) vote again to put the motion back on the table and (4) finally vote to appoint him. Ladies and gentlemen, your ASUO Senate.

Tipitino was also voted on to Senate 9-1-7. Tipitino is a stand-up guy; he’s involved in the College Republicans and is a strong voice for fiscal conservatism. During his confirmation hearing he said that though Senate had “much more room to be critical in its spending.” He specifically objected to how much money Senate gives to groups for conferences. (Tipitino also had to resign from his Department Finance Committee seat. Speaking of the DFC …)

The Department Finance Committee, which handles the budgets of all the departments in the ASUO, presented its budget for next year to the Senate. The DFC went into the budgeting process with a -3 percent benchmark, but it came before the Senate requesting a seven percent increase – the most legally allowed. This was largely due to the campus composting program which was foisted on the ASUO this year.

Several Senators had hard words for the DFC. “Tuition’s going to go up; the incidental fee is going to go up,” said Sen. Derek Nix. “We’re hurting our students here.” However, the budget was approved by a close vote of 8-5-3. The DFC’s total budget for next year will be $954,488, which is an increase of $62,443.

As for special requests: The American Marketing Association club (from the business school, I imagine) received $5,425 to attend the national AMA conference. According to the presenters, they only had funding to send two members, and that just wouldn’t “represent the university well.” After a brief discussion, the request was approved by a vote of 13-0-3.

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