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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Recession Issue Online

Yes, Vol. 26, issue 6 is now online. Inside there are such gems as:

  • How to brew your own beer by Ian Summers
  • Why the Insurgent is totally dumb by me
  • Vincent Artman’s eulogy for higher education
  • More graphs by Drew!
  • Recession tips from Dane Carbaugh
  • Stadium Park shenanigans by Ross Coyle
  • Carly Erickson’s piece on the jihad against smoking
  • AnĀ inappropriateĀ re-enactment of an iconic photograph
  • And much more!
  1. Oregon Voice says:

    Damn straight it was a compliment, Fuck the Student Insurgent and the Oregon Voice.

    ODE go back on strike, all we need is the OC!

  2. Gsim says:

    The discussed post is an obvious compliment/joke.

    Mumbo jumbo? Step up to the level of the insurgent? An article about ending patriarch workshops in the OC?

    Learn to read between the lines people.

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  3. Tyler says:

    de lancie said: “2 things i just realized. 1. ‘Oregon Voice’ may have been making a joke, but maybe not, but if so, then obviously i went overboard.”

    Yeah, maybe. Who knows, though …. Shit can be hard to understand online, you know?

    BTW, Ya’ll! Did you read the latest about the Detroit mayor.


  4. nike urbanism duk says:

    Holy ghost of orwellduk. The Emerald has a video of computer chipped (RFID) gloves today (“smart” gloves-smart referring to the computer intelligence embedded in them). Grassgeen may actually get the Emerald on task this year ? Pretty sure this project is a D.A.R.P.A. funded one.

  5. de lancie says:

    hey i praised you too…i can be grating too man…i mean look at what i just wrote!…cheers

  6. Vincent says:


    You’ll pay for that, DeLancie.

  7. de lancie says:

    wow! didn’t know that was gonna be that long…told you i was bored today

  8. de lancie says:

    i am always so amused when the commentator is told to “get over it”. the fact that you are annoyed enough to tell us to get over it probably means that you are the one who takes themselves seriously enough that you need to get over it. i apply this comment also to the rant about the toner. when will you all just get it…our humor is usually ironic and sometimes just plain goofy…do you really want to quibble about whether or not we use toner or soy based ink? give me a fucking break! this guy must know some people on student senate b/c this sounds like a debate they would actually spend 2 hours freaking out about at the table. (knock knock) i wonder what else “pisses (you) off”? how does something likes this really piss you off? and ALSO, not that most members of the commentator even ever really liked bush, but did we not spend 8 years being subjected to endless wise cracks and derogation of a president? i didn’t see members of the commentator saying “its not okay, he’s our president”. we probably cracked a few ourselves. i mean it was kinda hard not to. humor appeals to the lowest common denominator and sometimes it is lame, but y’all laughed at bush looking like a monkey and that is pretty lame so, yeah…i should probably stick my foot in my mouth and shut the fuck up, but as most of you know once i get going…the point is…why are we all taking ourselves so seriously? and saying that we should “step up to the level of the insurgent” who exploits the ideas of sex and sexual orientation (do we forget already the erect jesus??!!) is just the stupidest idea i have ever heard in my entire life. well considering that i spent 3 years working in the asuo office i guess i shouldn’t say the stupidest…but i digress (h.t. vincent’s h.t. to many people…and while yes he may be a bit grating at times, he has truly been a great asset to the commentator, writes more than some people who had been associated with the commentator, cough, cough…me…)…2 things i just realized. 1. “Oregon Voice” may have been making a joke, but maybe not, but if so, then obviously i went overboard. and 2. being bored is a horrible time to read the commentator blog, especially after months of not reading it, b/c all of a sudden one finds onesself ranting about god knows what for god knows what reason. i just get this feeling inside that i can’t easily hide.

    thunderlove i will be there without a doubt and it will be epic. lets get some digital recorders again like bar crawl 2007. they make the next day that much more enjoyable when we can listen to all the ridiculous things we conjure while taking shots of patron. “horses have the biggest fucking dicks” xo

    -de lancie

  9. Ossie says:

    Uh oh, tedTheTurtle knows too much. He must be destroyed.

  10. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Yeah, yeah, I know. The thing is … I just don’t care.

    And: Usually 50 lb. offset printing, one plate of full color.

  11. tedTheTiniestTurtle says:

    God damn that ad pisses me off. Do you guys fucking print your newspaper on a printer????? or do you send it to press? in which case your not using toner. You are using ink. INK probably even soy based ink, as most commercial ink is nowadays. but most likely even with your smaller circulation rate you can’t possibly be printing using copiers or toner printers. It wouldn’t make any damn sense.

  12. nike urbanism duk says:

    CJ, it looks like they now have you mistaken for a well trained circus bear. Update on the Order of the O signage war-the case was dropped on Monday. The cult wins again. Proposal: a campus wide ban on criticism of our savior, the almighty Obumma.

  13. Ossie says:

    What’s the issue count on the year for the OV and the Splurgent?

  14. Oregon Voice says:

    Once again, stupid commentator people show that they are racist and sexist. Making fun of Obama that way is not okay Drew, he is our President, please get over it. Also, the OC fails to show all the cool stuff going on campus this month. I would have also liked an article about the “ending patriarchy” workshops from last week. CJ, please show your heart for once and give the students something they want rather than this mumbo jumbo.

    I also do not like this Vincent fellow who makes a lot of posts on the blog. He is rude and makes horrible points which makes me think he is a loser.

    OC step up to the level of the insurgent and us before it’s too late and Emma and Getachew dismantle your conservative student program.


    Oregon Voice

  15. nike urbanism duk says:

    If you do a follow up on the Stadium Park shenanigans two things to explore: student fees for questionable bus service there and a series of shooting incidents. It was Stadium Park managers that came to the rescue of you owe housing officials who did not have enough space. It is starting to sound like a West University neighborhood student ghetto annex.

  16. ThunderLove says:

    Thanks for the praise De Lancie. I miss you to.
    as for my 21st Auguust 13th 2009
    set the date it will be epic

  17. Sean says:

    Excellent issue, fellas.

  18. de lancie says:

    hey thunderlove (and the other pole cats who i miss so very much)…i love you and miss you. sorry if you have like 10 honeys right now who get jealous of this but they need to understand our undying love…even if you can’t spin me. obviously production of the magazine is going well so good on you, and the rest of you scumbags for always raising the bar. but drew, i absofuckinlutely love love love your graphs. i love love love that they are getting bigger and brighter. i would never have to rewrite these beauties! when the hell you turnin’ 21 you young minx you? hope i didn’t miss it because that will be the event of hte century for the comm. i mean we have been waiting to take you for a drink at rennies FOR-EV-ER. kisses for all and good on y’all for havin the beat, you got the beat, you got the beat, YEAH you got the beat…

    (yeah i dunno as usual what the fuck that was all about)

    cj you are the man btw…

  19. Ian "babyskullcrusher" Summers says:

    Content aside, I think this maybe one of our better looking issues of the year. Good job C.J. and me!

  20. Ross Coyle says:

    Wow we did a number on the Vietnam photo after all. Beers to us.

  21. Betz says:

    Great article, Vincent… really well put on the problems with the bachelor’s degree.

  22. thunderlove says:

    Just a lovely cover

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