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Keepin’ It Classy at the UO

On May 13, the Arab Student Union held a screening of the film “Occupation 101,” which is about the Israel/Palestine conflict. (Take a guess about which side it takes.) Anyway, a student unaffiliated with the ASU showed up and began distributing the t-shirt below:


I emailed the ASU, and they responded saying: “During this educational event, a student unaffiliated with the Arab Student Union began handing out shirts, which this student had individually produced. ASU budget money was not used, and the ASU was not affiliated with the shirts in any way.”

Which is good, but to Mr. Anonymous Student, a swastika on an Israeli flag? Way to keep it classy. You represent your cause well. I also enjoyed the horrible misspellings, especially “Zionest.” Is that the superlative of Zionist, as in “I am the most Zionest”?

  1. C.T. Behemoth says:

    I just like creative alliterations Sean….

  2. Timothy says:

    I saw them with the Fiery Furnaces last year.

  3. Sean says:

    Flying falafels…now that’s something.

  4. C.T. Behemoth says:

    I don’t think they’re talking about trees in Israel. They’re trying to quantify the number of trees that have been uprooted and destroyed in Palestinian areas for settlements, security, and the wall. Stuff like that. Of course, I think this is as obvious as the fact that Palestinians don’t have oil money and non-Palestinian Arabs could really give a flying falafel about Palestine at the end of the day.

  5. Orev says:

    Israel, along with a pair of Scandanavian countries, are the only countries to have left the last century with more trees than they entered it with. The Jewish National Fund has spent millions of dollars around Jerusalem and in the north to plant trees and otherwise propagate the desert landscape in order to make it more habitable.

    You don’t see the Arabs spending any of their oil money on this, do you? They’d rather give it to a terrorists’ family than do something constructive with it.

  6. Betz says:

    What about the “millions of trees uprooted?” I’m going to feign ignorance, but isn’t that whole area a great big dessert?

  7. Orev says:

    Damn Arabs, why is it always about them? Maybe they are just jealous of our freedom, our letting women vote, letting women drive, letting minorities vote…

  8. Anthony says:

    Yeah, where is the other 2/3 of that person?!?!

  9. evan says:

    I’m more concerned about that poor 1/3 person who’s been imprisoned since 1967.

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