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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

The Pacifica Forum Road Show

From Portland Indymedia:

On Wednesday, June 10, Valdas Anelauskas, a self-described “white separatist” who is involved with Holocaust-denial circles, gave a presentation to a group of sympathizers in Portland, Oregon. The event was sponsored by the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, and was initially scheduled to take place at the Laughing Horse Book & Video Collective.

Members of Rose City Antifascists (“Antifa”) —the Portland affiliate of the Anti-Racist Action Network—were among those who contacted Laughing Horse Books about the scheduled event. The Laughing Horse collective canceled the anti-Semitic event within 48 hours of being notified about its true nature. Subsequently the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance moved Anelauskas’ talk—on the topic of “The Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism”—to a secondary venue, which was also discovered by Antifa and then persuaded to cancel on the day of the event. Unfortunately, Anelauskas’ talk then went ahead at a third venue, a restaurant obviously booked at the last minute.

Valdas Anelauskas is a “racialist” (read: racist) activist currently based in Eugene, Oregon. This Lithuanian immigrant has assisted the World Anti-Communist League, an organization that supported Latin American death squads and has harbored former Nazi collaborators. Anelauskas is now active in the Pacifica Forum, a Eugene, Oregon organization which hosts Holocaust-denial speakers such as David Irving plus Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review. Anelauskas himself claims that the evidence for the Holocaust is “shaky”, that Jewish people are responsible for “Bolshevism”, and that the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion are credible.

Apparently Anelauskas is taking his show on the road! Well, if he thinks he’s going to get any traction in Portland, he and his little 9/11 conspiracy friends are in for a rude surprise. Portlanders don’t tolerate any hint of white-power nonsense, and I can guarantee every one of his “speaking engagements” will be disrupted by anti-fascists and/or SHARPs. (The Portland SHARP cleaned out a neo-nazi infestation in the 90’s using, shall we say, aggressive tactics.)

  1. Betz says:

    Is Jupiter writing from the amazing hyperbolic chamber?

  2. CJ Ciaramella says:

  3. Jupiter says:

    The only reasonable voices so far here are George’s and Jay’s. For brainwashed neo-cons like Vincent to call the brave and honest work of Irving and, with some reservation, Weber, “intellectually bankrupt,” clearly shows V’s hypocrisy and stupidity. How would V know Irving in particular is such, not having read even one of his books? That is so sophomoric and indicative of an ivory tower nitwit so full of himself that he thinks he knows the way of the world when he knows practically nothing of it! A clown. Jay is correct to say the only active racism today is Zionism, which, while sharpening its own racism by law of the evil Talmud and legislation in Western govts, encourages all non-white racisms as well, opposing forcibly only the defensive white variety. Hypocritical to say the least. Vincent has no knowledge basis to be able to prove anything. Has he read, in all intellectual honesty, Mearsheimer and Walt’s ‘The Israel Lobby?’ Of course not, but he thinks he knows it all, can’t be instructed. Arrogant! Foolish. Pick one of these two words for your middle name. You’re doing the dirty work of evil Zionists well. But since Zionism uses anyone who strengthens their aim to control the entire planet, it, like Lenin’s “useful idiots,” will eject you in the end, as it will its most potent supporting force, the brainwashed Zionist “Christians.” But you know not of what I speak. If you had any real intelligence and goodness of heart, you’d see the Satanic menace Zionism poses – the Number One Problem in the world today. Without it, the world would be a far better place to live. It has caused two big wars in the 20th Century, by its immeasurably huge financial power and control of the media of the entire West. But such facts are beyond you. Your mind is closed. So you oppose Truth-tellers who risk their livelihoods and freedom to bravely go tell it on the mountain. Shame on you! You support tyranny but are too pig-headed to see it. Your devotion to the obvious (mainstream media) darkens your very soul. You are a slave and don’t yet know it. One day you shall, and you’ll rue the day you didn’t take the time and effort to find out the truth as you lay in a FEMA concentration camp. You will not be in the end favored by the Zios any more than I will be, even as you endorse their evil now. So easy to publicly cheerlead for Zionism. So hard to face and criticize The Beast in public. People like Irving and Anelauskas have more courage and knowledge of facts in their pointer fingers than you have in your entire body. You’d better start reading the suppressed, truthful books before you open your silly mouth. Have you ever asked yourself WHY such truthful books are suppressed and their authors imprisoned? Duh…That is the yardstick by which verity and validity are increasingly measured these days. If it’s banned, there must be something the Powers That Be don’t like described about themselves, e.g. their tyranny. Their insanity.

    I once heard an anti-racist punk rocker say Anti-Racist Action are “a bunch of violent sh-theads!” So true. They are totalitarian censors and control freaks who like violence. This lefty punk was at least honest and had a humane side that is totally absent in ARA creeps.

    The Federal Reserve is not only seeking Ron Paul’s destruction as a Congressman for his bill to “Audit the Fed,” but is seeking to take over the federal government and all corporations! Biggest power grab in US history coming. Listen to Alex Jones. Read Eustace Mullins’ ‘Secrets of the Federal Reserve.’ But people like you haven’t heard of this because you think you know it all already. Too bad too many youngsters like you denigrate real warriors for Truth. You’re digging your own grave, Vincent. Tsk tsk.

  4. Betz says:

    Looks like the YOLK’s on THEM!

    no, wait, wait…

    *Ahem* After running out of town, those neo-nazis sure had EGG ON THEIR FACE!

    no, wait, wait….

    What an EGG-celent story! Looks like those neo-nazis stopped CLOWNing around!

    (I’ll be here all week, folks…)

  5. CJ Ciaramella says:

    I didn’t condone or celebrate it. I’m just saying that’s what happens in Portland.

    My favorite story on the matter is the time when a group of neo-Nazis tried to set up shop near Alberta. Well, there’s a communal house of people on Alberta who dress like clowns (seriously, it’s called the Clown House), and they were none too pleased about this.

    Long story short, the neo-Nazis left quickly because they kept getting egged by clowns on tall-bikes whenever they stepped outside.

  6. Timothy says:

    The answer is clearly more giant puppets.

  7. Vincent says:

    Once again, tone-deaf Pacifica goons mistake “freedom of speech” with “freedom from criticism” and yammer on about nefarious “Zionist” plots. It’s all kind of paint-by-numbers these days: scream about Jewish — err, “Zionist” — influence, celebrate intellectually bankrupt, racist frauds like David Irving and Mark Weber, and whine like a bunch of fucking sissies the moment anyone calls bullshit. Rinse, repeat.

    That being said, I’m not at all comfortable with self-righteous “antifa” groups threatening violence whenever someone decides to host an event they decide is unacceptable.

  8. Josh M. says:


  9. Jay Knott says:

    Private businesses can indeed turn down speakers, but equally they have the right to host speakers without disruption. It’s odd to see guys on this conservative website uncritically copying from Indymedia. ‘This statement is a beginning; other fascist collaborators should not consider themselves to have been let off the hook in any way’ say the freedom-lovers of Rose City Antifascists. The word ‘collaborator’ is a clumsy attempt to make out expressing an opinion is pretty much the same thing as participating in racially-motivated violence. They are not quite stupid enough to publish direct threats of violence, but the implication is clear. The first post on this site (above) celebrates ‘aggressive tactics’, deliberately amalgamating the use of violence in self-defense with using it to suppress those with whom one disagrees. All this talk of white power and so on is a red herring. The only really significant racialist force in the USA today is Zionism.

  10. CJ Ciaramella says:

    Oh, hey George Beres! How’s the “shadow government” treating you these days?

    I don’t know if you’re aware, but private businesses, such as Laughing Horse Books, have the right to not host speakers. That’s not shutting off free expression. I’m sorry if no one can abide you and your crazy-pants friends. Sounds like a personal problem, not “Zionist behavior.”

  11. george beres says:

    portland indymedia should take a long look at itself. Its effort to shut off free expression as with Valdas A. is a Nazi tactic, and a reflection of Zionist behavior that is destroying free speech.

  12. B says:

    I’m from Texas, and I have encountered more white supremacists here in Eugene than in the South. It’s crazy. Obviously anyone that thinks SS tattoos are cool is lacking in common sense.

  13. Sakaki says:

    Brother Love’s Traveling Freak-ass Show, I heard it’s being called now.

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