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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Witch Hunt

In a stunt that seems more fit for “investigative” television programs like “Dateline,” the British government’s “Ethnic Minority Employment Task Force” has wasted £168,700 (or $270,931) of taxpayer money sending out fake resumes to employers to root out racists.

While $270,000 is, of course, a paltry sum by government standards, the thought of governments trying to expose “racists” with these tactics is more than a little unsettling. One wonders if they targeted specific “suspects”, or if they just sent the phony resumes to random employers to see what turned up.

In any case, Joe McCarthy is probably dancing a little jig down in hell right now.

  1. Jupiter says:

    Yo, Vince! I’d lay you 10-to-one Joe McCarthy is in Heaven right now. He was largely correct about Communists in Hollyweird and the federal govt. A relatively few innocents were falsely charged, true, but consider all the accused in the former USSR during Stalin’s purges. 99% of them were innocent of the phony, trumped up charges. They were executed, whereas no one was executed, to my knowledge, from conviction by the HUAC. Yet all we ever hear about is how horrible McCarthy was, thanks to Red hotshots in the USA, who conveniently forget all about Stalin.

    Ol’ Joe McC had a great batting average, Ol’ Uncle Joe Steel an abysmally lousy one. Get the idea here? I salute Joe McCarthy as a great American, like Generals Patton and MacArthur. Poison (read Red) politics obliterated the life of the first and the action of the second. Truman should’ve been impeached for cutting off aid to Chiang Kai-shek and giving it to Mao, as FDR had given massive aid to Uncle Joe before him.

    What “Michael Savage” says here is what the real MS would be saying, yes. I see a MS student fan(atic) behind this message. Too bad the real MS acknowledged the true conservatism and Constitutionalism of Ron Paul only once in many hours of listening to his Zionist bilge. I find MS amusing, but get my real news from Mike Rivero and Alex Jones, and other “underground” sources. I once emailed MS as to why he, at the time, had never even mentioned Ron Paul, since Savage purports to be a true conservative and Constitutionalist, one might think he’d be a fan of RP’s. Savage (Weiner) never answered back. Months later I did hear him say something pro-Paul for a few seconds, but almost whispered it. Why this lack of spirit for a great American like Paul? MS is an obfuscator, phony showman like Rush, and tool of Zionism, despite his harsh words against libs, commies et al. It’s far more than just “borders, language and culture.” But…as I said, I find him highly amusing, so I give him a bit of my ear. And why would MS ask the itty-bitty OC to aid him? He doesn’t have time for kosher konservative kollege rags. C’mon!

  2. Miles Rost says:

    $270,000? That’s chump change compared to the $3-4 million projects, each, that come out of D.C.

  3. Michael Savage says:

    Why did you not include me in this conversation?

    You know I was banned from the UK on May 5th of this year, don’t you? Prime Minister Brown has yet to take my name off a list with known murderers and terrorists.

    I request the Oregon Commentator to aid me in my quest to end the attack on civil liberties as represented through my case.

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