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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

This just in…the media is still insane

This photo has caused a ridiculous media stir (I blame the New York Post but they just got the ball rolling, everyone else took it to unnecessary lengths):

The photo looks like President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are enjoying the backside of the young girl in the purple/red dress.

Not to be outdone by their own ridiculous claims the American media immediately turned around and defended Obama with videos like this one:

\”The Truth About the Obama Photo\”

This is one of several videos that I’ve seen about this photo from various news sources.

Interestingly of the videos that I have seen “debunking” the image everyone has a good laugh that Sarkozy looks to be clearly checking out the girl. Beyond the fact that she looks 16 no one seems to be have a problem with Ol’ Kozy checking out the young thangs but if Obama does it’s a media hailstorm on both sides of the issue.

Though I’m not surprised.

Personal Opinion on the photo: Who cares? Guy can appreciate a good looking body, look but don’t touch kind of policy.

If I had to hazard a guess though, based on the image and the video clip I would say that Obama did take some time to discreetly check out that girl’s ass. Sure, he “hid” it behind helping that other girl down the one step but still…

Well, there you go…another example that American media doesn’t need declining paper sales to die off, it’s doing a fine job by itself.

  1. Vincent says:

    Bush used a plastic turkey!!

  2. nike urbanism duk says:

    Well it looks like we now have a use for the high tech super slow-mo video capability they originally perfected for sports. Get Ken Starr on the phone and call for an instant replay!

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