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Summer Senate Round 2

The Summer Senate gathered earlier this evening for the second meeting of the summer.  The meeting accomplished very little with all three main discussions being put on the table until further notice.

The first discussion of the meeting was continuing a discussion of branding the ASUO. This “branding” would consist of putting the words “brought to you by the ASUO incidental fee” on everything that is funded by the ASUO. This  branding already happens in places like the EMU computer lab.  

The second discussion was about Sharepoint. Sharepoint is a BlackBoard like program that would function inside the ASUO. Sen. Stark Mcmillan who was is in favor of the program said during the meeting “I don’t know what we will use this for.” 

The last discussion was about where the weekly ego trip called the ASUO senate meetings will be held during the 2009-2010 school year. The two main options are the walnut room and the Ben Linder room. Sen. Demic  Tiptino joked that he would resign if meetings were held in the Ben Linder room. Sen Nick Schulz was too worried about making the ASUO more comfortable for spectators and students trying to watch in on the senate meetings. This discussion lasted fifteen minutes or half of the meeting and no decision was made. 

At least it was a short one again.

  1. phantom potato says:

    There should be some sort of GPA requirement where students involved in ASUO would be checked on and kicked out of student government if they are hurting their “academic stability”. I mean, who really would like to have a Finance senator make budget decisions when they can’t seem to even pass math 111.

    It seems like there are no academic standards for the students in student government. There should exist some kind of restrictions as to who may work for students and fulfill the obligations that they are committing to.

  2. ThunderLove says:

    Yea at the meeting it seemed like the only thing the senators knew about the sharepoint program was that they would be able to save files needed for future senate seats to look at. THis prompted the senators to have a discussion about how little documents would be needed to do the job

  3. Timothy says:

    Branding won’t work, they can’t compel speech. Much like the UO branding effort from a few years back.

    As for Sharepoint – it’s really more of a document management system built on top of Microsoft’s workflow management platform. It’s really quite excellent for web deployments and multi-user document management – you can also do a lot of awesome enterprise integration stuff with it (like using it to integrate web-based infopath forms directly into a SQL database). For the ASUO it will be massively expensive overkill. I mean, what do these kids think a half decent implementation costs? And were are they going to get the $50,000 or more?

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