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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Ol’Dirty gets a makeover

With the news being sparse during the summer  the ODE has revamped their website. Personally I liked the old design better,  I think the new one has to many moving pictures. With the ODE’s recent financial woes it seems that they are moving to a more “user friendly” site aka seizure inducing.

Maybe this is a step forward from the emerald staff that went on strike last year to create a new persona.  Most likely they got bored and changed their interface by hiring someone they can’t afford. 

In other website news I happened to find out that our new neighbors the college democrats have their own blog up and running

Now I don’t mean to brag here, but I will. The Oregon Commentator has been using this blog for years and it has only come to the attention of the ODE and several other  campus media outlets  and groups to start blogging over the last year. We have always been the trend setter and this is starting to prove it. Next you will see the ODE and college democrats with their own cannibalistic anthropomorphic alcoholic beverage mascots.

  1. Vincent says:

    Hiss E. Fit, meet Temp R. Tantrum.

  2. Miles Rost says:

    T: Brachial neuralgia. Also known as a pinched nerve in the neck which leads to pain and numbness in the arms and fingers.

    Not like you’d really care or anything, or not like I really give a shit about what you think.

  3. Gsim says:

    I am so hot right now. Time for some tentacle porn.

  4. Vincent says:

    Point taken.

  5. T says:

    Well, it also doesn’t help that we have the numb fingers comment (seriously, what the fuck does that even mean?????) followed by someone named “Jerkin Jake.”

  6. Vincent says:

    Gee, thanks for putting that image in my head, T.

  7. T says:

    “Yeah, I mistyped. But, that

  8. ASUO Integrity says:

    Shut up jerkin jake. You smell like a rat in the sewer pipe!

  9. Jerkin Jake says:

    Miles, I liked you better as Sakkaki or whatev

  10. Miles Rost says:

    Yeah, I mistyped. But, that’s what happens when your fingers are slightly numb.

    Well, looks like they got a step up. Instead of a cubicle where they kept blaming the college GOP for vandalizing things, now they have their own little space where they can vandalize their own crap.

    Those were the days, lemme tells ya. Those were the days.

  11. CJ Ciaramella says:

    I photoshopped that pic! And by the way, the font on the “no” is called “aggressive angry baby killer.” Best font name ever.

  12. Miles Rost says:

    When did the Dems move into the pad next to 219, Dane?

    I always that that was the fibers guild’s prime spot…

  13. And here I thought I was being original haha.

  14. Welcome to the light side 🙂

  15. nike urbanism duk says:

    About the Emerald redesign….the phrase restacking the deck chairs on the Titanic comes to mind. By that I do not mean to suggest that the demise of the Emerald will be any kind of historic occasion. I do not know if any of you have any interest in the past Riverfront Research Park planning wars. If that foolish (includes me) subject interests you have a few beers before you attend the related meeting at the UO Baker Center (former Register Guard building) on August 6th at 5pm. UO and Oregon Research Intitute want a ugly building and large parking lot at the river’s edge just upstream from EWEB and some of us in the community may be able to throw a wrench or two into the “masterplan”. If the meeting does not exist and you end up wasting time looking for it I owe you a beer.

  16. Orev says:

    They used to report actual journalism? I’ve been avoiding it for five years, and the only news I’ve seen are the weather recaps.

  17. Drew Cattermole says:

    MTV used to play auctual music like the ODE used to report auctual journalism

  18. Timothy says:

    That’s probably the worst ODE website design in a long line of bad website designs.

  19. Vincent says:

    Dear College Democrats:

    We hope you like our assy couch, fuckos.

    -The Oregon Commentator.


    I like how the new Emerald website has some ancient piece entitled “Cheney guilty of war crimes” (subtle!) as the second link in their newly reconstituted opinion section when they couldn’t even be bothered to publish the guest commentary I sent in a couple weeks ago. Way to be timely, Emerald staff. I also agree that the constantly-changing story windows are distracting and pointless. And that’s to say nothing of the toll they take on the processing power of older computers. Clearly the staff of the Oregon Daily Emerald has no problem discriminating against less affluent readers who might not be able to afford the latest computer hardware. Racists.

    On the other hand, they seem to have migrated away from the abysmal College Publisher. Unfortunately, they’ve chosen to go with the MTV-affiliated “mtvU” instead. Score one for independence, or whatever. Nothing says “hard-hitting student journalism” than rotating flash ads featuring Nelly Furtado.

  20. Vincent says:

    Kai Davis? Oh, you mean von Douche.

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