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Lest We Forget… That Pat Buchanan is a Lunatic [UPDATED with new link]

Today marks the anniversary of the day that Germany invaded Poland in 1939, setting off the Second World War in Europe.

The leading light of the “paleo-conservative” movement, Pat Buchanan, evidently saw fit to commemorate this day by writing an article entitled Did Hitler Want War?” [Updated link below]

The thing’s barely worth reading, and relies on a… novel understanding of history, to say the least, blaming the war on a “junta” of Polish generals and a Western plot to “punish” Hitler for Munich. Oh, and Hitler “let the British go” at Dunkirk, demonstrating his ultimately peaceful intentions. In short, this is the diary of an insane person.

Of course, jaw-dropping World War Two revisionism is nothing new for Buchanan, who’s been pimping the “Hitler was misunderstood!” line for a few years now. Who knows? Maybe Pacifica Forum will invite him and David Irving to campus for a joint lecture about the Second World War one of these days. Hell, get the “Nakba = genocide” crowd out there for support and the UO can have itself a nice little orgy of Jew-hating historical revisionism.

[UPDATE] Realclearpolitics has evidently deleted Buchanan’s article from their site. If, for whatever bizarre reason, you wish to subject yourself to “Did Hitler Want War?”, you can now find it at (along with, fittingly, Stormfront, etc. — which should tell you a lot about both Pat Buchanan and the people who run “”).

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