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Fall Senate I (It’s a Scary World)

With the new freshmen finishing up their first week living at the UO, it remains skeptical why they would want to remain living in Eugene. With 2012 hovering upon us with zeitgeist zest it is impossible to ignore the warning signs of the apocalypse.

  1. Tornadoes
  2. H1N1 (more on that later)
  3. Tsunamis

There could only be one person capable of curing these freshmen blues. Someone so intriguing they could  could work for both CBS and FOX. Only ELLEN could save us.

With all my fears being driven away by dry wit and observational humor, I forgot that torture was coming soon enough in the form of ASUO senate meetings. The meeting was more of a formality than anything, think of it as the senate meeting where they hand out the syllabus. Here are the things I learned.

  • The meeting started off with a  H1N1 presentation by Andre Duke, who works with campus security. Not DPS but an actual University position ensures student safety. The University is taking Swine Flu very seriously and many classes have Swine Flu sections in their syllabus. Saying you have flu like symptoms now can get you out of class no questions asked. The University estimates that some classes may even loose 40% of attendance.
  • The first half of the meeting was conflicted by a DJ playing rock music in the EMU amphitheatre. Duke gave his presentation with Korn and Limp Bizkit blaring in the background.
  • Next  Oregon University Senate will be Oct. 14th.
  • UO Jam Squad received $300 in a special request. The UO Jam Squad is the hip-hop dance team at the UO and is currently not a student group. This brought up the best quote of the night when the advocate for the UO Jam Squad told the ASUO “We just want to dance.”
  • Next were senate nominations
  • President: Sen. Gower and  Sen. Schultz were accepted their nominations, from each other it was cute.
  • Vice President: Sen. Hilts and  Sen. Schultz accepted their nominations.
  • ombudsperson: Sen.  McCafferty and Sen. Libadisos accepted their nominations
  • Treasurer: Sen. Diamond, Sen. Griffin, Sen. Jones accepted their nominations
  • Academic Chair Person:  Sen Hilts and Sen Stark Mcmillan accepted their nominations
  • SRC Advisory Board:  Sen. Tipitino and Sen. Barkley accepted their nominations.

All in all it was a meeting full of start of the school year formalities. If anything the general public should care about is that swine flu is going to hit the university, vaccines should be at the University by mid October. Also Street Faire is next week.

[Incidentally, it’s Andre LeDuc. He’s the director of the UO’s Emergency Management Program. -ed.]

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