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Obligatory Pinwheel Post

martell webster

Martell Webster finished with 14 pts, 3 rebs and a block.

Well opening night came and went for the Trailblazers and I have to say, they looked pretty good. After watching the new combination of Steve Blake/Andre Miller terrorize the Rockets, it may just be that the point guard situation in Portland becomes some kind of two-headed monster. There’s just not many teams in the league who can put out a 2nd string that’s as good as Miller and I think that he’s going to end up killing the second teams of a lot of good NBA teams.

Although he looked like a broken marionette on offense, Greg Oden looks to have improved his patience on defense substantially. He finished with 5 fouls in 26 minutes while accumulating 12 rebounds and 5 blocks (Not fouling out the first game is a good step for Greg). If he can be a presence defensively and create a “bubble” around the paint he can have the same effect Yao Ming had on the Blazers last year in the playoffs (only, you know, on our side).

Continuing with the “homer” theme, how good is Aaron Brooks going to get? All of us who watched him at Oregon knew he was a great college player, but when you see just how quick he is compared to the rest of the professionals in the NBA it really puts his talent into perspective. That guy is going to be good.

Anyways, tonight was a good start to a good year. See you at the Rose Garden.

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