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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Safety First, Children

First thing’s first: Congratulations Pete Carroll on a record-setting game!

Today the Ducks scored the most points ever on a Carroll-led USC team.

The concern now moves to the post game celebrations. With the increased amount of over-entitled DPS officers bicycling about the last few days, it’s only a matter of time before some cop bothers a law-abiding student just trying to walk to the next party in the West University neighborhood before someone gets fed up and throws a bottle or burns something.

Who wants to take the over-under on taserings? I’m setting it at 2.

In any case, I hope you’re all going to be safe out there… and that riots actually do not happen tonight.

By the way, kudos to TJ for intercepting that last pass. Eat it Pete Carroll.

  1. Old Senator’s post raised more questions than it answered.

  2. IHateTasers says:

    Pretty soon, the police will just taser you first, then reach inside and take your papers … its safer for them that way.

  3. L. Hamlett says:

    I was once abducted by aliens, and they probed me anally. And when they were through, I had a few choice words for them. Their response was, “Hey, you should be grateful we didn’t gang rape you publicly! You should be GRATEFUL!”

  4. Timothy says:

    Look, man, burning down like half of the West Unversity neighborhood would be doing the world a favor.

  5. Old Senator says:

    You may think that the situation of over-policing was bad after the Ducks game last night, but you dont know how fed up you would get when you live in a country that polices its people all the time!!

    I just want to say that people should be grateful for the opportunities and freedoms that they have!!!

  6. Miles Rost says:

    I’ll take the over-under at 4. With at least 5 parties broken up, and at least 35 given MIPs.

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