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Sudsy Wants You to Join the Oregon Commentator

Ohio State Posers

It’s been over a month since Supwitchu girl released there “I Love My Ducks” music video and in that time the video has been viewed nearly a million times on youtube. The campy hit became a fan favorite during Civil War pregame warmups and inspired babies everywhere to sing on camera.

With anything that becomes very popular Supwithchugirl was set top have a series of posers and parodies,  after all they did get famous on the internet. Well Oregon State came out with there MSpaint version of a rap video entitled “I Smell Roast Duck”, and now Ohio State proved that the only way to show school spirit is a rap video.

Here is Ohio State’s “Theres Only One O!” by a rap group calling themselves Sizzilini. The video is slightly better than Oregon State’s in the fact it looks better than a PowerPoint presentation. Does anyone think these rappers are trying to hard? I was a big fan of “I Love My Ducks” because it was silly and fun.  It promoted UO school spirit and did not try to put down other schools.  These other two videos are trying to be to “hyphy” and hardcore.

If your trying to dis UO in a rap video from now on can you at least make a video that has better prodcution quality than a Paris Hilton sex tape?

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Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.