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The MCC Plays the Race Card

[Due to technical difficulties, the body of this post has disappeared. The Commentator is working on repairing the problems. Look for the story in the upcoming edition of the Commentator.]

  1. Stachelrodt says:

    “These people (MCC) will, without any shame, look you in the face and say that only white people can be racist.”

    I’ve heard this sort of thing talked about many times, but I can’t honestly bring myself to accept that anyone could believe that. Might have to go down to the MCC and ask them.

  2. EXPFC#3 says:

    Link doesn’t work…

    January 15th…

  3. EXPFC#3 says:

    So…please feel free correct me if I am wrong…

    Wasn’t it just last year, nearly to the day, that the MCC was given allocations outside of the PFC model? Before the Call Backs? For a raise that went to Morozumi over the 08-09 allocations? When they knew it was outside of the model?

    So…This year they don’t get their money and the PFC is a bunch of racists?

    I don’t know this Morozumi guy well, but I am terrified to think that he is in charge of the programming for the MCC with a temper like that and a scarier thought to think that he is having an impact on the lives of students.

  4. Gsim says:

    The causal nature of their accusations isn’t surprising when you consider their perspective. These people (MCC) will, without any shame, look you in the face and say that only white people can be racist.

    Their world view is one where racism is the default and a lack of racism is the rare exception.

  5. Betz says:

    racist = whatever you want it to be. This has been demonstrated more times than I care to link to. I’m sure the staffers at this blog could re-post to some articles for examples, but I don’t want to clog their internet’s tubes by doing so.

    What is a little bit shocking is how unabashed the claim comes; in traditional PFC budget hearings, the accusations of racism are much more implicit – “You gave this group more money / you didn’t give us enough money … whats the matter with you, you don’t like us because of our beliefs?/ race? / culture?”

    And even more surprising is the lackluster response that the members of the PFC reacted with, and how casually Morozumi replies to Ararso – as if nothing happened. Claims of racism *ought* to be a serious accusation – like accusing a commanding officer of treason during wartime.

    I would like to see (in the future) an addendum made to student-government or student groups that issues out penalties (most likely fees) to persons or groups that make un-founded claims of racism. Perhaps that would decrease some of the usual “Race card” drama that unfolds in the student body government. I doubt this would actually happen, but a person can dream, after all…

  6. C.T. Behemoth says:

    What a dick.

    “Stagnantly racist campus” ?

    Apparently racist = white I guess. When will the MCC learn that having someone who can advise them and/or run the show who doesn’t race bait is a GOOD thing.

  7. Sean says:

    That’s rather unusual. Since the MCC rarely plays the race card, it must be true.

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