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Masoli and Embry Theft Coverage

This past Tuesday the Ol’ Dirty ran a story reporting that Duck’s QB Jeremiah Masoli and WR Garrett Embry were linked to a theft at the SAE fraternity house. Reportedly stolen was two laptops and a “valuable” guitar. I only added the quotes over “valuable” because every news station reporting this is also doing it. The scoop that the ODE received was from a SAE member late Sunday night, the Tuesday paper edition read as such.

“Hello” one of the messages said. “Wake up. It’s the story of a lifetime. Jeremiah Masoli and Garrett Embry just stole all my friends possessions. We need a story run on this. Do you understand?”

This is where the story gets good. What many did not read is something that was omitted from the original story, and it’s racist.

That is right, “fucking hoodrats.” While we are no journalism students here at the Commentator I would just like to say if we ever received a message from a frat boy at midnight on a Sunday describing the suspects as “fucking hoodrats” we would be a little hesitant to run the story. The theft allegations are lacking definitive clarity, Max Wolfard the SAE member who reported the story claimed he ran down Garret Embry after chasing him a few blocks. Hello Chip Kelly, hand this man a scholarship! Our defensive back core is  getting weaker with TJ Ward leaving.

In an even more interesting twist, is reporting that Chuck Hare has video of Masoli at Taylor’s about the time that the theft was reported. How funny would it be if Taylor’s put to waste the frat’s allegations, unintentional comedy at it finest perhaps?

While we can not say what really happened for sure.  KMTR is reporting the two football players are not considered suspects in the theft.

For anyone who is bored, we suggest reading the comment sections  on the  ODE‘s website and on Deadspin.

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  2. Common Sense says:

    What high school kid growing up poor doesn’t have some sort of criminal record??

    But to insinuate that because he messed up in High School over five years ago, that he could be guilty now is a stretch. He has worked hard throughout his entire college career to be the best and ruining it over a frat boys stuff doesn’t seem logical. His dad would kill him if he ruined his football image over a stupid incident like this.

    Thank you Oregon Commentator for bringing up the full story and for reporting objectively.

  3. mr. fullwood says:

    there are too many haters in this world. seriously! if u grew up with garrett embry, you would know for a fact that he wouldn’t steal from anyone. he has no reason too>>Max Wolfard the SAE member who reported the story claimed he ran down Garret Embry after chasing him a few blocks.<<:FALSE INFORMATION: theres a reason this man as a FULL SCHOLARSHIP!!

  4. Betz says:

    Here’s the link

    The location of the brawl on campus is not far from the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house…

    SAE is 14th and Alder, I believe … whatever that one-way street is. This might just be the dyspeptic rumblings of a jaded, lazy journalist who is trying to link the two events – but it has never been confirmed (at least not in any reports I have seen) where the fight actually occurred. According to one report I have read, it took place “on campus”. If you have a report that says otherwise …

  5. Darren says:

    The fight was not near SAE it was at 17th and Patterson.

  6. nike urbanism duk says:

    The police around here have some unresolved issues with the tradition of “catch and release” when it comes to athletes (those involved with the UOAD). In the past if a athlete got busted the prosecutor for the city would skip filing any charges.

  7. Betz says:

    Masoli and Embry are not named suspects; however, they have been claimed as “persons of interest” in the report thus far. Masoli and Embry are keeping pretty tight-lipped about the whole scenario – as they should – , even if it might help them with a resounding “wasn’t me” response.

    According to some other news sites (too lazy to find the link) Beard, the Oregon kicker, was hospitalized last Saturday while trying to break up a brawl. According to the article in question, it occurred very near to the SAE fraternity house. Seems pretty likely to me that these two events must somehow be linked together – perhaps a fight broke out after the fraternity members made accustations of the theft, and the brawl ensued? There has been no reported link between these two events yet, but I must say, it seems pretty damn coincidental.

  8. kyle says:

    unless there is new definitive evidence discovered about what actually happened outside of the frat’s accusation, it doesn’t look like they can pin this one on Masoli to get a conviction

  9. Pete says:

    Jeremiah Masoli does have a criminal record. He was arrested, convicted, and served time for robbery in San Mateo CA in 2005. This does not mean he is guilty now, but he does have a history.

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